ESA Gaming Enters Global Partnership With Keyron Interactive

ESA Gaming has entered into a distribution agreement with a provider of virtual Kiron Interactive to expand the company globally. ESA Gaming can now deliver content in many regulated markets.

ESA Gaming owns EasySwipe™, which is integrated into the player’s sportsbook or game site. It allows players to enter and exit casino games, including popular titles such as Goal Mine, Pirates Mine, and Fruit Stocks. When playing casino games, the sports betting side of the site is not disturbed.

Thomas Smallwood, head of marketing at ESA Gaming, said. “We are confident that the EasySwip™ title can add real value with Kiron’s award-winning products, and we look forward to bringing a new player experience to the world.”

Since the partnership, ESA Gaming has been able to introduce unique products to players across Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Steven Spartinos, co-CEO of Kiron Interactive, said. “The traditional virtual sports and number offerings continue to be excellent and an attractive alternative to traditional sports betting. ESA Gaming’s EasySwipe™ portfolio offers a similar appeal to players looking for a quick resolution alternative betting experience.

“We are expanding the number of partners who leverage our experience and insights, and this agreement with ESA Gaming has a huge positive impact on both sides. We look forward to what the future holds for both of us around the world.”

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