From 1st place in We Mix to 20th place Park Gyeol

The top 20 players to participate in the Women’s Championship 2023 tournament were finally decided based on the WeMix point ranking, which reflects the performance of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour Sangsangin and the Korea Economic TV Open 2023. 토토사이트링크

WeMade said on the 23rd, “20 players who have been performing well this season, from Lee Ye-won to Park Gyeol in the order of the WeMix points ranking as of the 22nd, have won the WeMix Championship 2023 tournament.”

Lee Ye-won, Im Jin-hee, Park Ji-young, and Park Min-ji, who have won many games this season, as well as three super rookies Kim Min-byeol, Hwang Yoo-min, and Bang Shin-sil, are currently listed on the top 20 list of WeMix points rankings.

The WeMix Championship 2023 competition, which will be held at Haeundae Beach Golf & Resort in Busan for two days from November 18th to 19th, is the last king’s event of the season, with 24 best players on the KLPGA Tour, consisting of 20 top rankers and four recommended players, as of October 22nd.

It will be played in two ways, mixing single match play and stroke play for two days. On the first day, 12 top rankers in the WeMix points will play a match with 12 lower rankers in a single match play method, and on the second day, the winner and loser of the match play will be divided into Final A and Final B groups, respectively, and the winner of the Final A group will be the final champion.

The ranking of the 1st to 12th places in the competition is determined in the Final A Group, and the ranking of the 13th to 24th places in the Final B Group is determined. The total prize money for the competition is 1 million Wemix (WEMIX cryptocurrency), which is worth more than 1.3 billion won when Coinone’s Wemix market price standard is applied on the 23rd, which is the total prize money equivalent to the amount of prize money for the KLPGA Tour regular tournament.

Meanwhile, the WeMix Point competition race will continue until the last tournament of the KLPGA Tour, the SK Shielders and SK Telecom Championship 2023, with a total of 500,000 WeMix (WEMIX cryptocurrency) prize money being paid differently until the 60th final ranking of WeMix Point.

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