I think the players realized the importance of physical fitness. It was a great motivational boost ahead of the Asian Games


The Korean national go team, which will compete at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, wrapped up four days and five nights of joint training at the Jincheon National Athletes’ Village in North Chung cheong Province on Friday. Head coach Mok Jin-seok and nine male and female players officially retired from the Jincheon Athletes’ Village after a morning of early morning workouts. “Most importantly, I think the players realized the importance of physical fitness training,” said Mok. “I didn’t expect much from the first day’s weight training, but after seeing other players sweating, our players also lifted weights every day.” “There were some guys who lifted weights twice a day, and most of them said that if they went to Seoul, they would definitely lift weights consistently,” he said .In fact, there is a perception that Go, a “brain sport,” is far from physical fitness because it is a static game of sitting and placing stones. However, in big competitions where players have to play for long periods of time, if they feel tired, their head rotation will inevitably decrease .Especially at the Hangzhou Asian Games next month, athletes competing in both the individual and team events will have to play two games a day for ten days.”In June, I emphasized three 스포츠토토존 things to the national players: technique, physical fitness, and mental, and most of them spend more than 90 percent of their time on technique training,” says Mok Jin-seok, “but the biggest achievement of the training in Jincheon is that I realized the importance of physical fitness. “The team, which included nine men’s players Shin Shin-seo, Byun Sang-il, Shin Min-joon, Kim Myung-hoon, and Lee Ji-hyun, and nine women’s players Choi Jeong-oh, Choi Yoo-jin, Kim Chae-young, and Kim Eun-ji, had a packed schedule, starting with joint gymnastics at 6 a.m., followed by weight training, joint research on Go through artificial intelligence (AI), lectures by professional psychologists, and a doping briefing. There was even a special lecture by Jang Jae-geun, head of the Jincheon Athletes’ Village .”Everyone loved the program, including Choi Jeong, who didn’t want to come out at all,” Mok said, adding, “From next year, we will regularly organize a longer program. “After a successful training camp, the team will be looking to win three gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games, including the men’s and women’s team and men’s individual events. Korea also swept the men’s and women’s team and mixed doubles gold medals at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

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