Italian Media Are Surprised By Kim Min-Jae’s aAssist Against Liverpool

Kim Min-jae scored a assist in the showdown with Liverpool. Italian media praised Kim Min-jae’s help. Italian media Fantacalcio said on the 2nd, “Kim Min-jae recorded fantastic help to Serge Gnabry.” Kim Min-jae made help in the same style as Leonardo Bonucci, he reported.

Bayern Munich won 4-3 against Liverpool in a pre-season friendly match at 8:30 p.m. on the 2nd at Singapore’s National Stadium. 토토사이트링크 On this day, Kim Min-jae scored his team’s first goal. In the 33rd minute of the first half, he saw the back of the defense and attempted a long kick, and Gnabry scored.

Kim Min-jae wore Munich’s uniform through the transfer market this summer. Munich said on the club’s official website on the 19th of last month, “Munich recruited South Korean national defender Kim Min-jae from Napoli. The contract period is until 2028, and he will play with his back number 3, he said, revealing Kim Min-jae’s recruitment.

Since then, he has been quickly integrating into the team. Munich offered Kim Min-jae a vacation and encouraged him to join the Japan tour. However, Kim Min-jae politely declined. He returned his vacation and moved to Germany to join the team’s training. Kim Min-jae chose to adapt to Munich as soon as possible rather than rest. Kim Min-jae also showed an intimate appearance with Matthijs de Ligt, who was a loose center back partner next season.

Munich hosted a team presentation event at its home stadium, Allianz Arena. During the event, Kim Min-jae and The Ligt were also seen talking when they laughed. I can communicate with Kim Min-jae in English, The Licht said in an interview with German media Kicker. We understand each other well, he said. It is important to help new players adapt to the team quickly.

Kim Min-jae didn’t play much in pre-season games. Kim Min-jae’s physical condition seems to be considerate, not 100%. Before joining Munich, Kim Min-jae entered the Army Horn for about three weeks and received basic military training. It must have been difficult to take proper care of your body during the training period. Coach Thomas Tuchel is expected to gradually increase Kim Min-jae’s playing time in consideration of this.

There is no problem with Kim Min-jae’s starting position in Munich, the mega club. Luca Hernandez moved to Paris Saint-Germain PSG, and Upamecano was shaken last season. For Kim Min-jae, who has shown his peak defense throughout the season, there is no reason to worry about the main competition. It is also perfect for Thomas Tuchel’s tactics between four-back and three-back. Kim Min-jae experienced a three-back when he was in Fenerbahce, and was firmly in charge of the back as a member of the four-back for the South Korean national team and Napoli.

He also talked about Kim Min-jae’s potential as a starting pitcher in Germany. German media Kicker said, In the 2023-24 season, Bayern Munich’s main defensive line is very likely to be Kim Min-jae and The Ligt. Upamecano will be able to advance to the best 11 only if he wins the hearts of the coaches with his skills, he reported.

Kim Min-jae received the attention of big clubs in one season. Napoli chose Kim Min-jae as their replacement by sending Kalidou Koulibaly to Chelsea. Kim Min-jae moved from Fenerbahce to Napoli ahead of the 2022-23 season. Koulibaly has always been mentioned as the best centre-back in recent years. At the time of the transfer, there were many doubts about replacing Koulibaly.

Kim Min-jae has not been properly verified in Europe. He was in charge of the rear at Fenerbahce and showed an overwhelming performance, but it was a Turkiye league. It is true that the Turkiyen league is inferior to the five major European leagues, including the English Premier League EPL and Serie A. Kim Min-jae went over to Naples amid mixed eyes.

Worries about replacing Koulibaly were unnecessary worries. Kim Min-jae showed his true value as soon as he moved. He showed solid defense and even scored in the second round against Monza. With Kim Min-jae in charge of defense, Napoli made a splash and rose to the top of the league. Kim Min-jae received the Player of the Month award in September in recognition of his performance.

Kim Min-jae showed a ‘wall’-like defense throughout the season. Napoli made it to the UEFA Champions League semifinals for the first time in the club’s history, and won Scudetto for the first time in 33 years since Maradona. Kim Min-jae, who was the main player of the championship, was selected as the best defender of Serie A and the team of Serie A season. Now Kim Min-jae is preparing for a new challenge in Munich. Last season, Munich aimed for a treble after Tuchel took over, but was forced to be satisfied with winning the league. Munich will challenge the treble again with Kim Min-jae.

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