Thames Oneida Nation Abandoned Casino Plan

In an online letter published on social media, Oneida on the Thames Nation announced it would not pursue a project to launch casinos and destination resorts south of London, Ontario. 카지노사이트 In a statement, Chief Todd Cornelus explained that after a thorough review, First Nations decided such a project was not very suitable for the community.

Back in 2019, the elected chief and council received proposals from independent companies for the development of such casinos and resort sites. At the time, the chief and parliament were willing to engage in discussions to explore possible plans, but now the tribe chose to oppose such a destination that would have been located south of London.

In a social media statement, Mr. Cornelus noted that after much consideration, the tribe came to the conclusion that such projects would not be suitable for their communities. He explained that the Nation’s review took into account the safety of the community, responsibility for shortages, and financial feasibility. So I decided against the project.

In 2021, it was reported that Oneida’s leaders were seeking to collaborate with MJM Enterprise Development in Detroit, U.S., for resort development. Chief Adrian Chrisjohn said at the time that the project would help provide improved emergency response, health care, and housing opportunities, along with a safe supply of drinking water.

Also in 2021, Mike Malik, head of MJM Enterprise Development, shared that the company will be interested in such projects and that the site located between Highway 402 and Highway 401 has tremendous potential. But the tribe seems to have decided that gambling resorts will not be in the best interest of the community.

But it is one in the south of London It’s one about casinos It should be mentioned that the Nation of the Thames’s plan was not well received at first. Back in 2020, Gateway Casino & Entertainment, which now operates 14 game resorts across the state, objected to a potential casino complex in the region because it has exclusive rights in the region.

A spokesman for Rob Mitchell, then a leading offline gambling operator, discussed the possibility that another casino would not have a presence in the local market. This is because the whole of southwestern Ontario, as well as the London area, has an exclusive right to run gambling operations.

However, Jessica Hill, then the head of Oneida, said Gateway Casino has its own stance on the subject. She explained that tribal countries are looking for ways to support people and establish new businesses in the region. It also noted that members of the community have already expressed opposition to the project.

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