When Ahn Jung-hwan Scored a Golden Goal, I Thought My Career Was Over

On the 22nd, a press conference for players participating in the Legend All-Star Game was held at the Fairmont Ambassador Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul. Korea’s Ahn Jung-hwan and Choi Jin-cheol, Italy’s Francesco Totti and Paolo Maldini were present. 스포츠토토 All four players met in the round of 16 at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

Choi Jin-cheol, Ahn Jung-hwan and Maldini played full time during the round of 16 at the Korea-Japan World Cup in Daejeon. Totti was sent off in the 13th minute of extra time for a second warning for a penalty-inducing move. The game ended immediately under the golden goal system at the time when Ahn Jung-hwan’s header scored in the 12th minute of extra time. All four were the main players of the game, but it is no exaggeration to say that the victory and defeat were decided in the overtime of strikers Toti and Ahn Jung-hwan.

Maldini, who held a press conference right next to Ahn Jung-hwan, recalled the game at the time and said, It was a World Cup goal, so of course I remember it, and it was a golden goal, so it was even more memorable. The moment I entered, I thought, Oh, my career is over. In the world of sports, we have to endure all the painful consequences. Later, I could accept it, he said.

Also, The match against Korea is a painful memory, but it was an honor to play with them. Because of that memory, I was able to win the 2006 World Cup, he said, stressing overcoming the hardships of Italian soccer.

“I don’t know why I did that at the time, said Totti, who drew public anger from Koreans before the match, saying, “I can win with one goal. It’s a painful memory, he said. It was a really nice and difficult game. I remember that both Korean players next to me played hard and well, he said.

Maldini made headlines about Kim Min-jae last season. Maldini, who was AC Milan director at the time, lamented as Napoli defender Kim Min-jae covered his head when he made a decisive defense. In response, he said, Kim Min-jae was disappointed with our team, but I thought it was a really good blocking from the player’s point of view.

Also, regarding the head kick that Lee Chun-soo, who was a World Cup opponent, mentioned several times, he said, I don’t remember it well. However, many things happen in the game, and Lee Chun-soo doesn’t have to be sorry yet, he said with a smile.

Maldini and Totti praised Kim Min-jae’s game last season. Maldini said, Napoli did a weirdly good job, and I know well that Kim Min-jae played a big role there. Kim Min-jae already knew that he was really good at physical strength and accuracy and was paying attention. It’s hard to do well in other countries, but I was very surprised to see him play in Italy, he said. I was very surprised, said Totti. One of Napoli’s good things was recruiting Kim Min-jae. As soon as I saw Kim Min-jae, I thought it was a natural reason for winning Napoli. It was surprising that I adapted so quickly, even though I needed an adaptation period. I thought he would be an amazing player and a player recognized in the world.

Maldini, who made up his mind for the Legendary All-Star Game, said, Unfortunately, I couldn’t play soccer for seven or eight years because I had a knee injury. We’ve been preparing a lot for this game, he said. “We’ll make it more interesting than the Korea-Japan World Cup. Toti said, I’ll be back in my best condition. I know Korea’s soccer skills are high. I will prepare well.

South Korea surpassed Spain after Italy, writing the myth of the semifinals of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Italy experienced an unexpected early dropout from the 2002 World Cup, which it played as the best member, but won the World Cup in Germany four years later. Italy’s most recent World Cup victory. Toti restored his honor by becoming the king of help at the World Cup in Germany.

The Legendary All-Star Game will be held on October 21 at Goyang Stadium in Gyeonggi Province. As three teams participate, it will be composed in the form of a three-way battle. First of all, Korea and Italy will play 20 minutes each in the first and second half and 10 minutes at halftime. It is followed by Korea vs Brazil and Italy vs Brazil in the same way. The break time between each game is 15 minutes. A celebratory performance using the break time is scheduled.

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