Who’s the opponent to stop Deoksu High School’s solo performance on the 14th

On the 14th, the 78th National High School Baseball Tournament will be held at Mokdong Stadium and Shinwol Stadium in Seoul, and the first half of the weekend league match (hereinafter referred to as the Golden Lion). A total of 57 schools, including last year’s winner Busan High School, will compete for the king.

In this tournament, it is expected that baseball’s prestigious schools will be almost easily seeded, and after the quarterfinals will be quite interesting. With Deoksu being mentioned as the top candidate for the championship, it is expected to cruise through the actual quarterfinals after receiving a safe match.

Last year’s winner Busan High School is one of the dark horses against Deoksu High School. If Busan High School also cruises, it will complete the match against Deoksu High School in the semifinals. Masan Yongma High School and Incheon High School are among the schools that can prevent Busan High School from running. The first round of Busan High School and Incheon High School could be a fiery match. Masan Yongma High School will also meet Gyeonggi High School, where ace Yoon Hyun holds out, in the first round.

The seeds of Daegu High School and Gangneung High School are also expected to face off in an interesting match. Hwimungo and Gyeonggi Air High School could emerge as rivals. Yang Hyeon-jong (third grade) and Dudong-hyeon (second grade) are showing good performance at Daegu High School, which won the hegemony last year at the Phoenix Recorder. Gangneung High School, led by Jaeho Choi coach, also has high school catcher Lee Yul-ye, who can expect to advance to the quarterfinals or higher depending on the match.

Daegu Sangwon is also considered one of the dark horses seeking to win the tournament. Lee Dong-young, Lee Se-min, and the outfield’s biggest fish Sooho are holding out. The school where Daegu Sangwon meets from the first round is also unusual. It is Gyeonggi Commercial High School where Han Ji-yoon and Lim Da-on and Lim Jin-mook duo, called “Little Yang Eui-ji,” endure. The school that wins this game can look at the semifinals. Shim Jae-hoon, Oh Seo-jin, and Yoo Shin-go, whose profits are holding out,

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