‘139km’ vs ‘142km’ Why can’t Ryu Hyun-jin and Kim Kwang-hyun

The maximum speed was 139 kilometers. This is a disappointing figure.

However, no one took issue with Ryu’s speed limit. All of them said they were satisfied.

“KK” Kim Kwang-hyun took the mound in a practice game in Taiwan on the 1st.

He allowed three hits, one walk and one run in two innings. It was not a very good story.

The maximum speed was 142 kilometers. The speed was 3 kilometers longer than that of Ryu. However, there were voices of concern over Kim’s speed. With the opening of the season about 20 days away, most people said Kim’s speed should increase further.

Why was it that Ryu was satisfied with 139 kilometers and Kim Kwang-hyun was disappointed even though he threw 142 kilometers.

The answer is in the pitching pattern. This is because pitchers have different ways of throwing the ball.

Ryu is no longer a player who competes by speed limit. Instead, he has various breaking balls and control capabilities to control all pitches.

Hanwha batters, who have faced Ryu Hyun-jin’s ball, all confessed, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s ball felt faster than the speed taken.”

This is because he is a pitcher who can design pitching that makes 139 kilometers feel like 145 kilometers.

First of all, Ryu Hyun-jin is a pitcher who has special skills in changeups. He was able to conquer the KBO league with changeups and pitch in the Major League.

Here, it has a pitch that can throw curves slowly.

He has excellent ability to blur the opponent’s eyes with curves or changeups and make him feel the fastball faster.

Jang Kyu-hyun of the Hanwha Eagles who faced off Ryu Hyun-jin said in an interview with Eagles TV, the official YouTube channel of the Eagles, “The curveball was the most impressive. It was a pitch that I couldn’t hit even if I knew it. Usually, a curveball can be prepared by starting a swing when it first comes to mind, but Ryu’s curveball was different. When he first started an attack, he hit a new catcher’s mitt. It wasn’t that fast, but I think it was because of good angle and good speed when it was bent. It was amazing. I felt that the water in the Major League was different.”

Kim Kwang-hyun is a pitcher with a different pitching style.

Kim Kwang-hyun is also paying more attention to speed control as the number of breaking balls increases year by year.

Still, Kim Kwang-hyun is the type of pitcher who suppresses opponents with his power. When fastballs are backed up, he can display his real power. Although his pitching pattern has changed a little, he can still play his part when he has the power and strength of fastballs.

The coach who studied Kim Kwang-hyun the most last year was Park Heung-sik, a former Lotte coach who moved to Doosan.

Park, the former Lotte batting coach, had a task to overcome Kim Kwang-hyun. Since Kim’s debut, Lotte has never had a dominant season. Kim Kwang-hyun was known as the “Lotte killer.”

Coach Park studied a lot about Kim Kwang-hyun.

“Lotte’s batters had fear over Kim Kwang-hyun. The team failed to adequately cope with the powerful fastballs emanating from wild pitching form,” Park said. Kim’s pitching pattern has changed. He has seen more breaking balls and more diverse breaking balls than before. It is true that he paid more attention to his control than before. However, Kim’s flagship weapon is still powerful and fast balls. When powerful balls work, I believe he can demonstrate his capacity 100 percent. Our Lotte batters still failed to cope with the situation properly. However, it was not easy to cope with the situation, as he still threw powerful balls. “I believe that Kim Kwang-hyun is still a fast and powerful ball,” he once said.

The fact that Ryu Hyun-jin’s pace feels better than Kim Kwang-hyun in the current state is more than just a restraint.

It will be a good point to watch based on Ryu Hyun-jin’s ability to manage the game and Kim Kwang-hyun’s speed in the upcoming practice and exhibition games.

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