A Japanese Fighter Assaulted With Yunhyeong’s Empty Feet

Road FC held an official press conference for Gupne ROAD FC 067 at Gallery K Artnomics Seoul Tower branch on the fourth floor of Seoul Tower in Namsan on the 22nd. 스포츠토토핫

The event received a lot of attention as it was the first time in nine years that Gagman Yoon Hyung-bin returned to the official stage of Road FC since the 2014 Road FC 014 competition. Yoon Hyung-bin, Akdong Kwon A-sol, Yakuza Kim Jae-hoon, Singer Song Fighter Huh Jae-hyuk 38, SHARK GYM, and Rapper Fighter” Lee Jung-hyun 21, Team AOM were present.

Japanese fighters also attended against Korean players. Yoon Hyung-bin’s opponent Shoyu Nikki, Kwon A-sol’s opponent Kazuya, and Heo Jae-hyuk’s opponent Sekino Taisei also visited Korea. At the press conference, provocations continued throughout. The emotions got intense as they fought a sharp war of nerves against each other.

Then the worst happened. ShowU Nikki committed a soy sauce terror attack on Yun Hyung-bin. At the end of the press conference, Yun Hyung-bin was talking about his resolution, and Show You Nikki got up, approached Yun Hyung-bin, and poured black liquid over his head. It was soy sauce. Kwon A-sol and Heo Jae-hyuk restrained them, but it was already after pouring soy sauce, and Yun Hyung-bin got angry and got into a physical fight with Shoyu Nikki.

Yun Hyung-bin said, I’m so angry that I can’t speak. I’ll kill you in the game, he said. Yunhyeongbin’s opponent Show You Nikki said, Yunhyeongbin, are you scared? Should we do it now? he provoked again. Later, the press conference ended in a hurry. The conference hall was full of the smell of soy sauce.

Not long ago, Shoyu Nikki launched a terrorist attack on Yun Hyung-bin. It is on Kwon A-sol’s YouTube channel’s ongoing fighting content Fighter 100. Shoyu Nikki, who participated as a Japanese team player in the Fighter 100 competition in Korea, committed a foul by hitting her heart with a knee kick in the match against Korean player Kang Min-soo. It was such a big shock that the foul cup protecting Nangsim was crushed. The game ended as it was, and it was so serious that it spread to a group struggle on the spot. The Korean team won 3-1 but the Japanese team didn’t accept it at all.

Yoon Hyung-bin, who was watching at the scene, complained to the Japanese team about why he did it after the game. This is because he committed a very severe foul and did not stop provoking, let alone feeling sorry. ShowU Nikki, who listened to Yun Hyung-bin’s story, suddenly kicked Yun Hyung-bin. In an instant, the scene became a mess.

In the end, the two fighters decided to compete on the Road FC stage and make a decision. Yoon Hyung-bin will play a special match against Showu Nikki and Kwon A-sol against Kazuya for Fighter 100. Goobne ROAD FC 067 will be held at the Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Switzerland, from 4 p.m. on December 16.

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