Ask a Golfer For Directions To Golf

Golf is divided into professionals and amateurs. If the standard is simply defined, a person whose job is golf, including touring or teaching, is called a professional, and the rest can be said to be flax. The professional path is simple. 토토사이트 Winning, prize money, practice, money is the goal and everything. There’s nothing to talk about but this road.

But flax has many paths. Through bleeding practice and hands-on experience, you can go down the path of “Amagosu,” a professional pattern, or you can go to “Baekdol’s Weekend Golfer Sewage,” where you eat, drink, and enjoy. The choice is up to you, but most white-stone servants do not admit and accept themselves. Just as they become princesses and princes regardless of age when they stand in front of a mirror, they forget the reality.

If you go to the field and you can’t understand the topic, you’ll be like, “What’s wrong with me today?” With 3,000 excuses, such as “I drank a lot yesterday,” “I heard a lot of heavy pots” and “I can’t sleep,” he even curses and blames his caddie, and the last king even throws a ball or kicks the worst.

I don’t have many companions who remain as good memories during the 30-year round. Of course, most of them are hospitality business golf, but even at private gatherings, all four companions have rarely been liked. One or two of them would definitely cause trouble. Showing off, showing off, scratching, cheating on the stroke, OK. Balsam, forcing excessive drinking at a shade house, abusing the caddy, harassing, overuse of power, etc….

All golfers reading this will 100% sympathize with what I say. Rounding with three caring and likable companions is never easy, just as you say you’ve succeeded in a relationship with three true friends in your lifetime.

So what is probably the way for the golfer to go? Perhaps a master should be humble. Tour professionals never give lessons on the field or on the practice field. All they say is, “Take it easy as you go.” The reason is not that it is cumbersome and annoying, but that the general public, whose job, money, or winning is not the goal, gives a one-point truth lesson to play golf while enjoying it.

On the other hand, the flax gosu interferes with everything in the Americas to the sewage white ducks. It’s as if he’s trying to reign as an absolute in the field or practice field as if he’s a tour pro. Ama masters are only professionals in patterns, but they are different in level and class from professionals. You have to be humble in accordance with your means to be a companion and not lose people around you.

The subterfuge Baekdol must vacate his mind. Weekend golfers should have nothing to wish for because they literally practice for an hour on weekends alone or go out on the field without any preparation. Go on the weekend and just enjoy it without thinking. If you go to the field and eat well, drink well, find your companion’s ball well, and get Mulligan and OK, you can always enjoy golf comfortably around 100.

It’s useless to go to the field without practice and effort, and to hit your shoulders, hit your back, top ball, and blush, saying, “What’s wrong with you today?” If you empty your mind and take a shot as you go, it will be a fun round regardless of the number of strokes.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you give up your rounding and playfully handle the ball over 100 times because you are a weekend golfer, you may also lose your companions and people around you.

Even if we form a family and live for decades, parents and children may have different values and different ideas. Furthermore, the rounding partners have different golf skills, goals, and lifestyles. Acknowledging the difference, the master is humble, and if he empties his mind and does his best, it will not only be a pleasant round, but also enjoy the effect of killing two birds with one stone of getting scores and people at the same time.

The way a golfer goes is tough and far. The professional must highlight his presence without an error in the realm of God, and he probably pursues dreams and hopes to draw seven characters on the score, and he still takes hospitality shots for business. No matter what path you take, there will be no flatness, there will be hazard, bunkers, and deep roughs.

If you clearly know your way as a golfer, the back will be beautiful. You will be able to reach your destination if you always stick to the basics and walk your best in the given conditions.

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