Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev, Semifinals of this Year’s Wimbledon

Wimbledon Clash Alcaras VS Medvedev, US Open Semifinal Rematch

Alcaras defeated Zverev 3-0 in 2 hours and 29 minutes… Medvedev,

2 wins to 3rd major title, defeats rival Rublev… Challenge to win for the first time in two years

Carlos Alcaraz (1st place, Spain) and Daniil Medvedev (3rd place, Russia),

who faced each other in the semifinals of this year’s Wimbledon,

played in the semifinals of the US Open (total prize money of 65 million dollars, about 85.76 billion won),

the last major tennis tournament of the year.

A return match takes place.

Carlos Alcaraz

Alcaras defeated Alexander Zverev (12th place, Germany) 3-0 (6-0) in 2 hours and 29 minutes in the men’s singles quarterfinals on the 10th day of the tournament held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York on the 6th (local time). 3 6-2 6-4) won. 카지노사이트

In the previous match, Medvedev defeated Andrey Rublev (8th place, Russia) 3-0 (6-4 6-3 6-4) to advance to the semifinals.

As a result, Alcaras and Medvedev will face each other on the court of a major tournament two months after Wimbledon in July of this year.

The two also faced each other in the semifinals at Wimbledon, where Alcaras won 3-0 (6-3 6-3 6-3) and used the momentum to defeat Novak Djokovic (2nd, Serbia) in the final to become the champion. climbed to

In terms of overall record against opponents, Alcaras leads with 2 wins and 1 loss, including the recent win streak.

Carlos Alcaras, who also won the US Open last year, is attempting to win his second consecutive major title and third major title in his career.

Medvedev, the winner of the 2021 tournament, is also aiming to win the US Open for the second time in two years and in his career, so this semifinal is a game he cannot back down from.

From the 2019 tournament in which he finished runner-up to this year’s tournament,

Medvedev has made it to the semifinals or higher four times in five years at the US Open,

showing a particularly strong performance in this tournament.

Daniil Medvedev

The game that day was played in the heat reaching 35 degrees.

Medvedev overcame difficulties, including having to take medical timeouts twice due to breathing difficulties due to the scorching sun and high humidity, and won the match.

The winner of the semifinals between Alcaras and Medvedev will meet the winner of the Djokovic-Ben Shelton (47th, USA) match in the final.

Following Wimbledon, attention is being paid to whether the ‘new and old emperor showdown’ between Alcaras and Djokovic will once again take place on the major final stage.

Rublev failed to break the ‘quarterfinal jinx’ in singles at a major tournament this time.

Rublev, who turned professional in 2014, has competed consistently in major tournaments,

starting with the US Open in 2015, but has never won in the quarterfinals.

He reached the quarterfinals nine times and lost them all.

US Open

In particular, he reached the quarterfinals four times at the US Open alone,

but showed helplessness, not being able to win a single set in those four games.

In the women’s singles, Arina Sabalenka (2nd place, Belarus), winner of this year’s Australian Open and considered the strongest candidate to win this tournament,

defeated Jeong Qin-wen (23rd place, China)’s sensation 2-0 (6-1 6-4) ) and advanced to the semifinals.

Sabalenka has reached the semifinals of five major tournaments in a row since the US Open last year.

If she only counts the US Open, she has reached the semifinals for three consecutive years starting in 2021.

However, Sabalenka has the unfortunate memory of always losing in her US Open semifinals and never reaching the final.

Sabalenka’s semifinal opponent is Madison Keys (17th, USA),

who defeated Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrowsova (9th, Czech Republic) 2-0 (6-1 6-4).

Sabalenka leads Keys with 2 wins and 1 loss in her career, including a 2-0 win in the quarterfinals of this year’s Wimbledon, her most recent meeting.

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