Choi Won-Joon National Team Will Also Shed Tears

Choi Won-joon, the leadoff of the KIA lineup, has not been able to hit in four consecutive games since the match against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on the 5th. In the end, he was excluded from the starting lineup in the match against the Lotte Giants in Busan on the 11th. 토토 In his second at-bat against Lotte on the 12th, he hit a heavy double and received a “hand taste” after 20 at-bats, but he later remained silent again in four at-bats.

Choi Won-joon, who returned to his team after serving in the military with the Sangmu Baseball Team on June 12, has a batting average of 0.248 in 39 games he has since played. The performance is far below expectations.

Choi Won-joon played full-time as KIA’s main right fielder in the 2021 season, ranking third in the most hits 174, and second in stolen bases 40. Accurate contact skills and fast feet stood out. He was recognized as a batter with the potential to grow into a league-class outfielder.

For KIA, which suffered from poor offense as Na Sung-bum and Kim Do-young left early this season due to injuries, Choi Won-joon’s return was welcome. Choi Won-joon raised expectations by hitting multi-hit in his return match against Kiwoom Heroes on June 13.

In August, two months after his return to the first division, Choi Won-joon is still adapting. He did not meet expectations, with only six stolen bases as well as batting average. In the first week of August, he showed signs of rebounding with three multi-hits, but his batting sense cooled down as he had no hits in four consecutive games. These ups and downs continued throughout the two well.

Choi Won-joon ranked first in the Futures second division Southern League in the 2022 season when he played for the Sangmu Baseball Team. However, he only scored 0.219 in 30 games in the second division this season.

In the meantime, he gained and lost weight again, and changed his batting posture and mechanism. This was the problem. Immediately after returning to the first division, Choi Won-joon was confident of playing in the first division, saying, I returned to the batting method in the 2021 season with good performance to save my strengths of contact and running baseball. However, the confusion that occurred in the process of changing the batting orientation seems to be continuing so far.

The burden of defense is also high. Choi Won-joon is currently playing first base, not the outfielder he has usually played. Since the match against the LG Twins in Gwangju on the 8th, which was postponed due to rain, he has made mistakes or made mistakes in three consecutive games. My mind is bound to shake.

In the final AG entry announced in June, only Lee Jung-hoo Kiem, Jihoon Choi SSG Landers, and Choi Won-joon were professional outfielders. Lee Jung-hoo underwent surgery in July due to a left ankle injury, making it difficult for him to participate in the tournament. Even Choi Won-joon, the most experienced fielders, is sluggish.

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