Coach Hu In-jeong Hong Sang-Hyuk is Doing Well a Player who can Grow Further.

KB Insurance experienced the joy of its first winning streak of the season.

KB Insurance, led by coach Hu In-jeong, won with a set score of 3-1 (23-25 ​​31-29 25-22 25-22) in the away game against Korean Air in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 10th. With the win, we earned 3 points. With this win, KB Insurance, which had 3 wins and 12 losses (13 points), achieved its first two consecutive wins of the season and completely erased the point gap with 6th place Hyundai Capital (3 wins, 11 losses).

The main character was definitely KB Insurance’s foreign player Andres Viyena (registered name: Viyena). He scored a whopping 43 points, giving the away fans three valuable points. The performance of Hong Sang-hyuk, who helped Viena with 13 points, also attracted attention.

KB Insurance broke away from a 12-game losing streak by winning the previous game, the home game against OK Financial Group on the 6th, with a set score of 3-0. The players shared their joy after tasting victory for the first time in 50 days, and some players, including Kim Hong-jeong, even shed tears. 바카라사이트닷컴

However, the head coach repeatedly emphasized to the players that this is just the beginning. Coach Hu In-jeong, who was ahead of the Korean Air game, delivered a message to the players, saying, “I am not relieved by ending our 12-game losing streak, but I kept saying that it is important from now on, and as the players know what I mean, we will gradually play better games.”

Even at the beginning of the game, things did not go as desired. KB Insurance, which minimized mistakes, harassed Korean Air in a close game throughout the first set, but allowed the score at 23-24 with Lim Dong-hyuk’s quick open.

It was in the second half of the second set that the atmosphere changed. KB Insurance held on to Korean Air with as many as six deuces, and took the second set at 29-29 with Jeong Han-yong’s error and Hong Sang-hyuk’s score.

KB Insurance, which took the lead after the 3rd set, won the 3rd set and maintained concentration until the end, putting an end to the game in the 4th set.

After the game, coach Hu In-jeong said, “I am very grateful to the players who helped us achieve the winning streak. I think the team was able to win easily because everything we promised at today’s meeting and prepared through training came out (in the game).”

Of course, not all plans were successful. This is because Lim Dong-hyuk, who minimized the gap between Korean Air’s Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln), scored 42 points alone. Still, there were some precautions in place.

Coach Hu In-jeong said, “Honestly, when (the opponent) receives, it is not easy for any team to follow. They play fast and there are good setters, so it is not easy for two blockers to follow unless they completely give up the front line.” “Since we couldn’t catch that, I asked the centers to mark us more thoroughly. In the beginning, Lim Dong-hyuk kept getting through, so I told him to go if he could, and if not, to hold on, and to block the rest.”

He also did not forget to mention Hong Sang-hyuk, who led the team’s attack along with Viyena.

Coach Hu In-jeong said, “I think we won because all the players played well. As I always say, you can’t win by playing well alone in any game. In today’s game as well as the OK Financial Group game, there was a good performance from the outside hitter. Hong Sang-hyuk. He said, “Hong Sang-hyuk is doing well in his role, and to be honest, Hong Sang-hyuk is doing well. Personally, he is a player who has the qualities to grow into a better player and can do that much. He is doing well enough now, but if he works harder, he will grow into a good player.” “It will be possible,” he said.

KB Insurance had the experience of rebounding with 3 consecutive wins after 12 consecutive losses four years ago. During the 2019-2020 season, they recorded 12 consecutive losses from the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance game on October 19 to the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance game on November 30, and then broke the losing streak against OK Savings Bank (now OK Financial Group) on December 3 until the Korean Air game on December 12. Won 3 consecutive wins.

Coach Hu In-jeong said, “I hope that trend will continue, and if the players show their capabilities in each game, we will be able to have good games in the future.” He added, “After ending the losing streak and winning two games in a row, everyone has gained confidence. “The attitude toward the game has also changed. We will be able to show a better game in the future,” he said.

KB Insurance aims for its third consecutive win in the away game against Hyundai Capital on the 14th.

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