Coach Lee Seung-yeop (47) of the professional baseball Doosan Bears took charge of a team that was in 9th place last season and advanced to the fall baseball stage in 5th place. However, external evaluation of the ‘national hitter”s first managerial season was cold.There were some favorable comments, saying, ‘He made the 9th place team into 5th place’, but it was also pointed out that the performance was disappointing compared to his power composition.

Perhaps for this reason, Coach Lee promised his players, “I will change first,” at the Doosan New Year’s party held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 15th.At a meeting with reporters after the event, he said, “I think the evaluation of me from the outside is accurate. To change the bad evaluation, you have to change everything. No coach would be satisfied with anything other than winning. I prepared a lot. “This year, professional baseball is facing a major upheaval, including the introduction of the Automatic Ball Decision System (ABS), expansion of base size, and prohibition of defensive shifts.

Manager Lee said that the situation was the same for all 10 teams, but predicted that the automatic ball decision would not be disadvantageous because last year’s pitchers had good performance, and expected that the ban on defensive shifts would be advantageous due to the composition of the batting lineup with many left-handed hitters. The following is a Q&A with director Lee Seung-yeop. How did you spend the off-season? I come out to the baseball field once in a while to think about it and see if our players are doing well .I watched the training part, met and talked to the team, and was busier than I thought.

Looking back on last season .It’s unfortunate .I wonder if there is any manager, coach, or player who would be satisfied with anything other than winning. The 144-game season feels long, but there is a lot of disappointment when it ends .It made me think that time passed quickly .It was a very disappointing year.It is natural that we need to achieve much better results this season than last year .I prepared a lot to get the grades I deserved, and I will continue to prepare in the future. I think it was a period of preparation to perform better than last year and climb to a higher ranking. During the New Year’s ceremony, you talked about your loss in last year’s wild card game.

Starting from the last 10 games of the season, our strength actually decreased a lot. Even though they won in the wild card game, which was an extended game, they lost.It was even more disappointing that the season ended there. We could have shown a better performance in the process of losing at that time, but it was unfortunate that we made a mistake in judgment. I think October 19th last year (when the game was held) left a lasting impression. Now that the year has passed, 2024 is a new year .As we forget about last year’s bad times and wait for the new season, I think we should become stronger and more cool-headed through defeat, improve ourselves, and try to play better this season than last year.

What do you expect from the new captain Yang Seok-hwan? He is a bright friend. You can also say something to your seniors. He also serves as an example to his juniors in terms of discipline and behavior that must be observed as a professional athlete. Heo Gyeong-min was the captain last year, but he was not in good health, so he was changed. What I look forward to is a player who says what he wants to say to the coaches, to me, and to the junior players It is an important role to support Doosan more for the development of our team .I think I have a sense of responsibility because I also worked as a FA.I expect a lot. Personal performance goes without saying .I hope we can become a team where we can share everything without hesitation to become one team.

The coaches also changed. There are some coaches who left after last season and some who came in. Handled with caution. We also carefully considered the fact that Coach Kim Han-soo, the original head coach, left for batting. Last year’s batting was actually poor. Coach Kim Han-soo had been a hitting coach for a long time and achieved good results, and I also served as his student. He thought of good memories .Due to a change in position, he became vacant at third base.(The new third base running coach) Koji Goto, the operational coach, had experience in Japan, so I thought he would be a good fit. The size of the base also changes, and the role of third base becomes important to play more aggressively .He tried to get an experienced coach, so he went to third base. The head coach must communicate well with the players. While worrying about the number of left-handed hitters, we carefully decided on the position 카지노사이트킹 of head coach Park Heung-sik for the development of the team.

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