Hanwha’s decision to drop 7th place was canceled in April with a batting average of 0.173 Moon Hyun-bin’s first team

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) reported the registration and cancellation of the first-team entry on the 22nd, when there was no game.

Hanwha, which ranked seventh with its winning percentage falling behind, also made a change to its entry. It announced the cancellation of its infielder Kim In-hwan, Moon Hyun-bin and pitcher Han Seung-joo from the first division.

The Hanwha Eagles, which had seven wins and one loss at the beginning of this season, has already lost 11 wins and 13 losses in its winning percentage. This is also related to Moon’s poor performance. Moon had a strong monthly batting average of 346 percent (nine hits in 26 times at bat) in March, but has been hitting only 17 percent (nine hits in 52 times at bat) since April.

On the previous day, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho expressed deep concern about Moon, saying, “It is true that the sense of hitting has declined a lot. Basically, it would be best if Moon recovers, but the slump in hitting has been prolonged.”

Ha Joo-seok’s return is still undecided, but Hwang Young-mook is doing well at shortstop. Once Chae Eun-sung, who is out due to a thumb injury in his right hand, returns this week, the batting line is expected to stabilize. Since then, he has also released a plan to use Kim Tae-yeon when offense is important and Lee Do-yoon when defense is needed.

However, he decided to give Moon time to rest after much thought. Initially, Jung Eun-won, who was in the second division, was feared to be hit by the ball during practice, but he was not injured as a result.

Having suffered from injury nightmares, Kiwoom even lost veteran Lee Hyung-jong who was supporting its central lineup. Lee was hit in the left foot by a foul ball in the eighth inning of the first game of the doubleheader on Monday, and decided to undergo surgery after receiving a fracture of his columnar bone. It will take about three months for him to return to the team after the surgery. Along with Lee, Kiwoom removed infielder Kim Joo-hyung, pitcher Oh Seok-ju and outfielder Lim Ji-yeol from the first team.

Seo Jin-yong of the SSG, who returned to the primary league as a special doubleheader entry, also moved back to the secondary league. His ball speed has not recovered since he underwent surgery to remove bone fragments from his right elbow in November last year. SSG plans to give Seo more time to recover. In addition to Seo, Kim Chang-pyeong was also canceled.

LG’s pitcher Kim Young-joon, infielder Kim Tae-woo, outfielder Ahn Ik-hoon, KT’s pitcher Kim Young-hyun and outfielder Kim Gun-hyung, Doosan’s pitcher Kim Dong-ju and Park Shin-jin, catcher Ahn Seung-han, outfielder Jeon Da-min, KIA’s pitcher Park Jun-pyo, Lotte’s pitcher Shin Jung-rak Jung Woo-joon, catcher Seo Dong-wook, infielder Lee Hak-joo, Samsung’s pitcher Yang Hyun and outfielder Kim Hyun-joon were removed from the first division, respectively.

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