Heungkuk Life Insurance Has Been Gripped by Thailand’s Peak.

Heungkuk Life Insurance revived by beating the invited team Supreme Village Supreme, Thailand. Two days later, they will face GS Caltex, which has the same one win and one loss, to advance to the semifinals.

Heungkuk Life beat Supreme 3-0 25-20, 25-19, 25-10 in the second Group B match of the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gwangpyeong-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, at 7 p.m. on the 1st. 토토사이트링크

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which belongs to Group B along with GS Caltex, Supreme Chonburi Thailand), and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, overcame its first shutout defeat against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and balanced it with one win and one loss with a no-loss set victory.

However, GS Caltex, which has the same one win and one loss, ranked third in the score-loss ratio 0.942, and the semi-final team is expected to be determined in the match against GS Caltex two days later. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which recorded two wins and no losses in the previous one game, confirmed its advance to the semifinals regardless of the remaining Supreme and the results of the match as Heungkuk Life won.

Supreme, led by Nataphone Sri Samutnak, made No. 5 Flomjit Thinkau Flomjit, Midlblocker-29 Darin Pinsuwat Darin, Outside Heater-19 Warafone Pumzaroen Warafone, Setter-16 Waranya Srilaong Waranya, Apogit Spiker-6 Kanika Tinkot Jambunika, Out and No.17.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, led by Marcello Avon Terminal 53, put forward its lineup as No. 12 Park Hyun-joo Apogit Spiker, No. 6 Byun Ji-soo Middle Blocker, No. 19 Kim Mi-yeon Outside Heater, No. 14 Jung Yoon-joo Middle Blocker, No. 4 Lee Ju-ah Middle Blocker, No. 18 Do Soo-bin Rivero).

Heungkuk Life replaced two players in the starting lineup for the last game. Kim Da-sol replaced Lee Won-jung in the setter and Byun Ji-soo instead of Kim Na-hee in the middle blocker. Prior to the game, head coach Avon terminal said, “There are some players with injuries, so I plan to use other players than the last game,” signaling a change, adding, “I think I was nervous in the last game, but I hope I can calmly show my mental strength or energy.”

Coach Nataphone said, “I heard Heungkuk Life also lost the last game. So I think the audience will be able to see an interesting game today, he said. “The last game was embarrassed by the serve, so the players couldn’t do their best.” “Today, we will do our best to win,” he said.

Until the middle of the first set, the skill of the middle blocker Plumjit, a former member of the Thai national team, shone. Plumjit made a close game by making a quick attack whenever he had time. Continuing the attack by General Meng, the two teams faced each other tightly until 19-19.

However, Supreme’s team failed to overcome its serve as the coach feared. Jung Yoon-joo scored 20 points with a powerful spike serve, followed by Lee Joo-ah, who finished the first set with a serve ace.

In the second set, the gap due to height and serve was more noticeable. Heungkuk Life took the lead with Byun Ji-soo’s second consecutive serve ace, and Park Hyun-joo and Jung Yoon-joo also made 16-12 by serving on the opponent’s court in the middle of the game.

Setter Kim Da-sol also showed off his relaxed game management. Five players each scored more than four points using Kim Mi-yeon and Jung Yoon-joo on the side, while leading the movement attack of Lee Joo-ah and Byun Ji-soo in the center. With a 23-18 lead, Lee Joo-ah made a set point with a quick attack and again received Park Eun-seo’s back-toss and put it down to the other side of the court, bringing Heungkuk Life in the second set.

The third set was more one-sided. Heungkuk Life took the lead early with Jung Yoon-joo’s three consecutive goals and made a 10-point gap with four consecutive goals at 15-9. Byun Ji-soo’s moving attack raised his 20th point, and Park Hyun-joo ended the game by hitting the opponent’s court empty spot with a push following Kim Da-sol’s serve ace.

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