“I felt really humiliated and insulted.”On the 24th, during the National Audit of the National Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Sports and Tourism on the Korea Sports Federation and the Korea Disability Sports Federation, Ms. Cho Hyun-ah, a national athlete of ‘Showdown’, a ball game for the visually impaired, complained in a trembling voice about the abuse she received from her teammates and coaches.The Sports Ethics Center is currently investigating after receiving complaints from Shodown players that their non-disabled coaches were abusive and neglectful before and after an international tournament in England in August.Cho, who appeared as a witness at the request of Kim Ye-ji, a member of the National Assembly who, like Cho, is visually impaired, responded to the question, “Did you feel sanctioned for physiological phenomena and sexually humiliated?” by saying, “Yes. When asked if he was sanctioned for physiological phenomena and sexually humiliated, Cho replied, “Yes, all of them.” He also revealed that he was left alone without a coach when he competed in the tournament and barely entered the stadium.

“When I told the coach I was going to the stadium ahead of time, he said, ‘Wait a minute,’ and then disappeared,” he said. “When it was my turn to play, he didn’t come back. I entered the stadium with the help of others.”When asked by Representative Kim how she felt when she was abandoned, Cho said, “When I realized that I was abandoned and neglected, I wanted to stop competing and return to South Korea. It was too hard, and I felt ashamed.”At this point, Cho broke down in tears, and Rep. Kim, who was asking the question, also broke down in tears.”Some of you here may not understand,” Kim said, emphasizing that for a blind person to be abandoned in another country without a guide, even in a country where they don’t speak the language, is unimaginable and life-threatening.”It’s not just a human rights violation, it’s disability abuse,” he said, adding, “The Center for Sports Ethics should look into the ‘soft bat’ punishment of coaches and ensure 바카라사이트 that athletes are not penalized.”

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