If Kane Moves to Munich, He’ll love Everything

Alan McNally, who played for Bayern Munich in the past, spoke about Harry Kane’s transfer. Munich are having a brisk transfer window this summer. Although he managed to win the German Bundesliga last season, he was never satisfied with his elimination from the Focal and UEFA Champions League. 토토사이트 As a result, it is actively filling in areas that need reinforcement to rebound in the new season.

Currently, there are more sales than recruitment. He recruited Kim Min-jae to thicken the center back Depps and brought Conrad Reimer and Rafael Guerreiro.However, Luca Hernandez, Marcel Javitzer, and Daily Blint left the team.

Sadio Mane, who will lead the attack, also left the team. Mane, who was tapped as a replacement for Robert Lewandowski, was sluggish in the 2022-23 season. During the season, he was under fire for assaulting Leroy Sane. However, as talented as he is, he was expected to lead Munich’s attack in the new season. But Munich sold him. Selling a player who can be called a major striker means Munich is definitely seeking to recruit his replacement.

There is a strong candidate. The main character is Kane of Tottenham Hotspur. He is the best striker of the 2010s and has also been the top player as a playmaker in recent years. He is Tottenham’s living legend and leads the team with steady scoring ability every season. During the club’s heyday, Son Heung-min, Christian Eriksen, and Dele Alli formed the world’s best offensive combination. Despite Tottenham’s repeated sluggishness in the 2022-23 season, Kaneman did his part by scoring 30 league goals.

Unlike his brilliant personal career, he has no winning experience. He reached the top as a player, but the lack of a trophy hampered him. It was okay in the beginning, but as time went by, Kane began to show his desire to win.

Several clubs contacted this. In 2021, Manchester City actively pushed for recruitment. However, Manchester City withdrew their interest in Kane due to Daniel Levy’s stubborn attitude.

Of course, there was no end to his interest in him afterwards. This summer, he was linked to Manchester United, Newcastle United, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain PSG.

Manchester United was the most likely candidate. Manchester United, unable to find a suitable replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, chose Kane as the right man. However, Levy insisted that he would not sell his team’s ace to rivals in the same league. In the end, Manchester United withdrew its interest because it judged that it would not be able to persuade Chairman Levi.

Since then, Real have joined the recruitment. Karim Benzema’s sudden departure caused a hole in the attack and wanted to fill it with Kane. A huge amount of money was prepared, but the amount demanded by Chairman Levi was beyond their common sense. That’s how Real withdrew from Kane’s recruitment.

Munich filled the spot where Manchester United and Real were missing. They actively promoted the recruitment. Unlike Manchester United and Real Madrid, they also made an official offer. As mentioned, as Manet’s departure occurred, interest in Kane heated up. Kane also wanted to move to Munich. Tottenham tried to persuade Kane by offering to renew his contract to catch him, but Kane’s position was adamant.

Now Munich are set to make a third offer to Tottenham. Florian Flettenberg, a reporter for Germany’s Sky Sports, predicted that Munich would pay a higher price for the proposal. He said on his SNS on the 2nd , Munich will propose an amount of 95 million euros about 135.6 billion won. If the transfer is made, he will become Munich’s top paymaster. The contract period is until 2028. There is no specific schedule for the meeting between Munich and Levi, but both parties are confident of an agreement, he said.

Munich wants to close the deal by 13 days ago. There is a reason. This is because the EPL will open around the 13th. If the transfer is not completed by the opening game of the EPL, Kane will remain at Tottenham, Bild said. Also on the 13th, Munich will play the DFL Super Cup against Leipzig. They hope Kane will come to Munich before then to play his official first game. So far, Kane’s destination is unclear. There is no guarantee that negotiations between Tottenham and Munich will proceed smoothly.

Against this backdrop, McNinally, who played for Munich in the past, recommended Kane to transfer to Munich using his experience. He moved from Aston Villa to Munich in 1889 and played until 1993. McNinally said, At the time at Aston Villa, Munich approached me. I couldn’t refuse their offer. If Kane moves to Munich, he’ll love everything there is. Munich is a great, huge club worldwide.

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