Its ‘One error in Three Games’ Should Lotte Goodrum Continue to be Used?

‘One error in three games’ Should Lotte Goodrum continue to be used?

Already 10 errors in 33 games… Batting performance is also below expectations

Nico Goodrum (31), a foreign hitter ambitiously recruited by the Lotte Giants, has so far been a failure.

Goodrum, who wore a Lotte uniform last July in place of Jack Rex, who was unable to play due to a knee injury, was a player that several clubs had on their recruiting lists.

He played in the major league for a total of 6 seasons and was considered a player with a high potential for success in the KBO league as he played on the big league stage until last year.

However, when I opened the lid, I found that both offense and defense were failing.

Nico Goodrum

Goodrum posted a batting average of 0.260 (32 hits in 123 at-bats) and 20 RBI in 33 games.

There are no home runs or stolen bases, and the flow of offense is often interrupted by five double plays.

His OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) is 0.658, making it difficult to believe that he is a player who receives an annual salary of $400,000 for playing only half a season. 토토사이트

The bigger problem is defense.

From the time the Lotte club recruited him, they expected him to be a “right-handed,

double-hitting utility player capable of both inside and outfield defense,” but his lack of concentration is constantly exposed.

Although it is said that the chronic symptom of thigh muscle pain is the cause, if things continue like this, a time bomb is ticking at every moment in Lotte’s infield, with no idea when it will explode.

Niko Goodrum committed 7 errors in the game in which he played third base and 3 errors in the game in which he played as shortstop.

He committed 10 errors in a total of 33 games, which is one error per three games.

Lotte Giants

In the game against the Ulsan Samsung Lions on the 6th, Goodrum contributed a point through a mistake.

Goodrum, who started as a shortstop, missed Oh Jae-il’s ordinary fly ball at first and second base with no outs, resulting in a bases-loaded crisis.

Starting pitcher Na Kyun-an did not waver much and gave up only 1 run through a sacrifice fly,

minimizing the number of runs lost, but Na Kyun-an, who had an increased number of pitches at this time, pitched only until the 6th inning and left the mound.

Lotte Giants, which was ahead 2-1 until the 6th inning, lost 2-7 due to the bullpen collapsing in the 7th inning, so Goodrum, who was unable to help the pitcher, was also responsible for the loss.

Acting manager Jong-woon Lee expressed his intention to continue to give Goodrum opportunities.

Han Dong-hee

Han Dong-hee, who was originally supposed to be the starting third baseman,

is having difficulty getting out of the slump, and there is a situation in which the team

cannot easily dismiss a player in whom they invested $400,000.

But Goodrum has yet to repay the bench’s trust.

With 31 games remaining in the regular season, 7th place Lotte has widened the gap with 5th place KIA Tigers to 7 games.

Even though advancing to the postseason has become virtually impossible,

the players and bench go into the game determined not to give up until the end.

Continuing to use foreign players whose performance is below expectations just because a large amount of money

has been invested will only have a negative impact on the team’s performance and atmosphere.

It is necessary to note that the Hanwha Eagles recently excluded foreign hitter Nick Williams,

in whom they invested $400,000 like Goodrum, from the starting list.

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