KBL wraps up 5th round, attendance up 24%, gate receipts up 37% over last season

Professional basketball is proving to be a crowd-pleaser.

The 2023-2024 regular season, which concluded its fifth round on Friday, drew a total of 618,284 fans, surpassing last season’s regular season attendance of 595,772, showing that professional basketball is on the rise. The gate receipts also increased by 37%.

The league is expected to be even more competitive in Round 6, with a battle at the top of the standings and a mid-table battle for a playoff spot, including a magic number count for the No. 1 team, 홀덤 Wonju DB.

The competition for the individual title, which has been revived after 20 years, will also be fierce. There are six categories – scoring, three-point shooting, rebounding, assists, steals, and blocked shots – that will be awarded to the top player in each of the league’s 32 games or a certain number of games played.

The Player of the Year and Sixth Man awards are determined by clubs nominating one candidate each. The Player of the Year Award excludes MVP, Best 5, Rookie of the Year, and previous winners of the Player of the Year Award. The Sixth Man Award excludes players who have started at least one-third of the regular season (18 games) and previous winners of the MVP, Best 5, and Rookie of the Year awards.

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