Lee Beom-Ho, New Head Coach Of KIA Tigers

Beom-ho Lee, 1st Team Batting Coach, Becomes the New Head Coach of Professional Baseball KIA

The professional baseball KIA Tigers appointed Lee Beom-ho (42), current first-team batting coach, as the new manager.

On the 13th, the KIA club announced that it had signed a contract with coach Lee for 900 million won, including a two-year contract period, a contract deposit of 300 million won, and an annual salary of 300 million won.

KIA, which dismissed former coach Kim Jong-guk, who was investigated by the prosecution on charges of taking bribes from sponsors and breach of trust, on the 29th of last month, promoted an internal leader to director within 15 days.

The new coach, who is currently teaching batting at the first spring camp set up in Canberra, Australia, will immediately take the baton and lead the team. 바카라사이트

Coach Lee, who made his professional debut wearing the Hanwha Eagles uniform in 2000, played for Hanwha for 10 years until 2009 and advanced to the Softbank Hawks of the Japanese Professional Baseball League in 2010, before signing with KIA Tigers in 2011 and returning to the KBO League.

He played at KIA for 9 years until his retirement in 2019, and enjoyed the joy of winning the 2017 Korean Series under former coach Kim Ki-tae.

His career records include a batting average of 0.271, 329 home runs, 1,127 RBI, and 1,727 hits.

After his retirement, he began his career as a leader at KIA, serving as a scout in 2020, the Futures (2nd team) coach in 2021, and the KIA 1st team hitting coach from 2022.

Lee Beom-ho is famous for his nickname ‘Flower Beomho’ and holds the record for the most grand slam home runs (17) in professional baseball.

The KIA club said, “He has a high overall understanding of the team, including experience as a futures coach and first-team batting coach within the team,” and added, “With leadership that can encompass the entire team and excellent communication skills, he is the best player to quickly establish the current team atmosphere.”

“I decided to appoint him because I judged him to be the person in charge,” he said.

Coach Lee said through the club, “I am worried about suddenly taking on the position of coach in a difficult situation for the team, but I will build the team step by step with a heavy sense of responsibility.”

“I will become a leader who creates a stage where we can unfold,” he said.

He added, “I know very well what the club and fans expect from me,” and added, “As the KIA Tigers coach, not a novice coach, I will definitely bring the team to the top within my term.”

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