Wes Benjamin (30), a foreign left-handed pitcher for the KT WIZ of the Korean Baseball Organization, has been dubbed the “Twins Killer. Benjamin, who wore a KT uniform as a substitute last year, was particularly formidable against the LG Twins. Benjamin faced LG five times in the regular season this year, going 4-0 with a 0.84 ERA .In total, he’s allowed just three earned runs in 32⅓ innings. “I think it’s because they have a lot of lefties,” Benjamin recently told Yonhap News Agency when asked why he was so strong against LG.He was referring to the general phenomenon of left-handed pitchers being strong against lefties .However, Benjamin hasn’t faced lefties or righties this year. Benjamin has a .238 wOBA against righties this year and a .242 wOBA against lefties. That’s not a significant difference .Nevertheless, Benjamin has been extremely strong against LG hitters .Most of their top hitters, including Kim Hyun-soo (0.182), Oh Ji-hwan (0.167), Park Hae-min (0.167), Hong Chang-ki (0.167), Moon Bo-kyung (0.100), Moon Sung-joo (0.000), and Austin Dean (0.091), couldn’t get past him. Only Park Dong-won (0.273), who started the first and second games of the Korean Series (KS), had a double-digit batting average against Benjamin. Benjamin isn’t sure why he’s so strong against LG. “Honestly, I don’t know why I’m so strong against LG,” he said, “I think there were a lot of lucky days. “I think I had a lot of lucky days,” he said, “and I think I also felt like I had to throw better because LG is a strong team.The LG team also analyzed Benjamin. They concluded that “it wasn’t that the LG batters didn’t hit, it was that Benjamin pitched well.”

LG hitting coach Lee Ho-joon recently said, “Benjamin showed great corner work against LG throughout the regular season,” adding, “It’s very difficult to make a hit when he throws a ball like that.” As LG analyzed, Benjamin’s performance was often up and down depending on the conditions and circumstances .On the days when he was getting strikes, he was terrifying, but on the days when he wasn’t getting strikes, he was getting beat up. He posted a 1.67 ERA in July, but slumped to 4.67 in August, before regaining his form and posting a 1.50 ERA in September. On September 12, he pitched a perfect game against the SSG Landers until the seventh inning. Benjamin usually only faced LG when he was in good shape, and he pitched his best. Currently, Benjamin is not in bad shape .In Game 5 of the playoffs against the NC Dinos, he pitched six innings of one-run ball and his fastball touched 150 kilometers per hour .Benjamin is calmly preparing for Game 3 against KS. “I don’t think KS will be any different than a regular season game,” he said. “If I stay calm, I’ll get good results. I’m confident.” “I don’t think my pitching method will change much,” he said, “I’m going to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, Benjamin hasn’t shaved his beard since the third game of the PO on April 2, when KT won its first victory of the postseason .That was to keep the momentum going. KT lost Game 2 to LG and KS on the 8th, ending their four-game winning streak in the PS .Benjamin will now shave his beard and start the KS Game 3 with a fresh mind. Game 3 of the KS series will be held at 6:30 p.m 온라인카지노. on April 10 at the home stadium, Suwon Katie Wiz Park.

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