‘Looks like a win’ Guangdong Freecs maintain 1-chicken + lead on PWS Day 2

The Guangdong Freecs remained in first place on Day 2 of the PUBG Weekly Series (PWS) Grand Finals, which crowns the strongest team in Korea.

The second day of the PWS Grand Finals took place at the Vita500 Coliseum in Jamsil on Wednesday. Games 1-5 were held the day before, followed by Games 6-10. GNL Esports, Divine tM (DTM), Game Coaching Academy (GCA), Guangdong Freaks, and Danawa Esports took home the chicken after two sold-out days.

Guangdong tops the overall standings. They faltered in the last 10 games. However, they slowly racked up points, taking first place in nine games. They have 41 ranking points and 59 kills for a total of 100 points. The second place team, Esports Prom, has 79 points. That’s a big gap.

Beyond Stratos Gaming (BSG) is third, GNL Esports is fourth, and DTM is fifth. DePlus Kia is in seventh place, while Genji has slipped to 15th. DANAWA is in mid-table with 10 games in hand.

The six-game battleground is Miramar. GNL was the eventual winner. A magnetic field formed in the southwestern part of the map. Each team diligently gathered items and prepared for battle. At 16:52, Sentinels were the first to be eliminated.

As the clock ticked down, Esports Frome, DePlus Kia, GNL, and Azra Pentagram remained. DePlus Kia was the first to go, with ‘Seoul’ Ji-yeol performing well but unable to overcome the numerical disadvantage. Azra was next to be eliminated.

Finally, two GNL players and one from Esports Proms remained. Esports Promise’s Park Seung-chan “Solution” caught GNL’s Lee “Stella” Ji-soo, but at the same time, he was eliminated by the remaining GNL player, Kim “Ning” Dae-nyeong, leaving GNL as the chicken. Kim “Nyeong” Dae-neung was named the Man of the Match (MOM).

Game 7 was played in Bikendi. A magnetic field formed in the southeast of the map. Ifumain Gaming PT (GP) was the first to be eliminated.

DePlus Kia, Divine tM (DTM), Beyond Sports Gaming (BSG), and Eleven Esports were the last four teams standing. Eleven was the first to fall, while DTM made a last-minute push. They took down DePlus Gia and BSG, who were left with one player each. Hwang “Hella” Jae-hyun became the MOM.

He earned 24 points in one fell swoop. With a total score of 52 points, he also moved up to fifth place in the mid-table. Guangdong is first (73 points), Esports Forum is second (62 points), and GNL is third (55 points). BSG is in fourth place (52 points).

Match 8 was played in Erangel. The map is Erangel. The teams spread out and the magnetic field opened up on the lower Sosnovka Island. After all the teams’ players finished their respective setups, they rushed down.

Sentinel was the first to go after 7 minutes and 34 seconds. Guangdong, which was in the middle of the pack, was the third to go down. Dana was the fifth to fall off the line. As the battlefield 토토사이트 narrowed, more teams were eliminated.

Azra, Overwhelm, GCA, and Eagle Owls remain in the top four. Azra was the first to be eliminated. GCA had a relative advantage over Overwhelm and Eagle Owls, who had four survivors and two each.

GCA took out Eagle Owls first. Overwhelm was the remaining team. The remaining team was watching the timing of the dispersal, but GCA managed to get to the Eagle Owls in groups of two. Despite one death, the numerical advantage was clear.

They closed out the game with relative ease, winning game eight. The win earned them 10 points in standings and 11 points in kills for a total of 21 points. They moved up to 10th place in the overall standings. HaSeungwon “Beetle” Ha is the mom.

Game 9 began in Taigo. The initial formation ran from northeast to southwest. A magnetic field was created in the center of the map, and they moved in unison.

After a few engagements, Overwhelm was eliminated, and after 20 minutes, seven teams were left. Azra, GNL, DTM, DANAWA, and DPLUS Kia. This was followed by a swift death for DePlus Kia.

This left Guangdong, Carpedium, Sentinel, and GCA. GCA was the first to go, followed by Sentinel. It came down to the last two teams standing, and with everyone alive, Guangdong had no chance against the two-man Carpedium.

In this game, Guangdong was steady from the start. It was overwhelmingly clean. It was also evident from the fact that they survived until the end. They had nine games to spare.

With this victory, Guangdong gained 41 ranking points, 56 kills, and maintained their dominance in first place with a total of 97 points. Second-place Esports Frome has 72 points. The MOM for Game 9 is Woo “Salute” Je-hyun.

The battleground for the final 10 matches of Day 2 is once again Miramada. After the start of the match, a magnetic field was created in the eastern area. No team was eliminated for 15 minutes. Only five players were killed out of a total of 64. The fighting continued, and Azra was the first to leave at 15:33.

GP, Eleven, and GCA followed. Guangdong also quit relatively early. ZENZI, BSG, and others were also killed in large numbers. It’s been a quiet period, then a big one.

The top four are Esports Prom, DTM, DANA, and Eagle Owls. DANAWA and Eagle Owls are the only survivors. DTM was the first to fall. Esports Prom, who had one player left, didn’t last long. DANAWA overwhelmed Esports Proms to become the last man standing.

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