Loona’s Yves signs exclusive contract with Paix Per Mil

Loona member Yves signed an exclusive contract with music label Paix Per Mil. [PALX PER MIL]

member Yves signed an exclusive contract with Paix Per Mil, the music label said Thursday.“We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Yves. We will wholeheartedly support Yves as she unpacks her passion and releases honest stories through music,” the label said Thursday. “I want to showcase my works that fans won’t be able to expect and are not so obvious,” Yves said in a press release Thursday. Paix Per Mill is a music label established by music producer Millic, who appeared on Mnet’s hip-hop competition program “Show Me The Money 8” (2019) under the hip-hop and R&B crew Fanxy Child. Goldmoon Entertainment manages the company’s artists.
Yves debuted as a member of girl group Loona in 2017 under BlockBerry Creative. All 12 members of the group, starting with Chuu in 2022, suspended their exclusive contract with BlockBerry Creative, citing unfair contract terms.Chuu signed with the newborn agency ATRP in April 2023 and kicked off her solo music activities, while Heejin, Haseul, Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry joined agency Modhaus and formed ARTMS, which will make its official debut on May 31. Modhaus is also known as the agency behind girl group tripleS.Members Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Gowon and Hyeju — formerly known by her stage name Olivia Hye — debuted as girl group Loossemble last year on 메이저 Sept. 15 under their new agency CTDENM.

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