Manitoban Hits Big Jackpot Of C$5M

On another day, another Canadian millionaire was announced by a local lottery in the United States, with the newest member of the lottery’s millionaire club being Louis Montroy from Brandon, Manitoba, as he won C$5 million in the popular 6/49 game of Lottery. Mr. Montroy had to scan his ticket several times to make sure the numbers shown were correct, he says. 카지노사이트

According to the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation, Mr. Montroy is one of the state’s biggest lottery winners this year. Previously, the Winnipeg family snatched the Canadian $60 million Lottery Max jackpot, the largest in the state’s history. In addition, the Fraserwood man received a C$27 million check for the 6/49 Lotto.

The winner, Mr. Montroy, shared more information about his delights while in the WCLC office to win a substantial C$5 million prize. Mr. Brandon thought he had received C$500,000 after scanning his ticket from a retail scanner, but after scanning again, he realized that it was actually C$5 million. Then he went home and checked on the WCLC website a few more times.

He tried to stay as quiet as possible when he found a win at the store, but says all he wants to do at home is run and scream to celebrate. The lucky winner won his life-changing ticket at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar, located at 1655 18th Street in Brandon, and his numbers 10, 11, 18, 20, 35, and 48 were later drawn as the winning combination in the Nov. 24 draw.

For now, Mr. Montroy has yet to plan how he will spend much of his money, saying that he will clearly share it with his loved ones. He also said he will take care of the children and help them financially in any way. But then he doesn’t know for sure what to do with the huge windfall.

WCLC this week announced another major win as Rebecca Tyber of the successful town won a 1,071,735.48 Canadian dollar mega jackpot from Bolt Breaker VLT. Tyber achieved a massive win on November 27, 2021, when he played VLT at the Spring Garden restaurant and lounge in Swift Current. With this money, she plans to buy a new reliable car.

Last week, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company announced that two friends from the North Bay were the winners of the November 20 Rotario draw of C$710,202.80. Roseanne Timbrell and Trevor Caldwell have revealed that they have been in the lottery together for quite some time and now their luck has finally paid off.

According to a report by OLG, there is a person who won a C$8.8 million jackpot in Ontario. The Crown announced that the winner was located somewhere in Mississauga and urged all lottery winners on Dec. 4 to carefully check their tickets.

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