Moon Dong-joo, the ‘King of Rookie’ entered the billion mark at once, and Roh Si-hwan, the ‘King of Home Run’, completed his salary contract in 2024

Professional baseball Hanwha Eagles completed their salary contract in 2024 the day before they left the spring camp.

Hanwha said on Monday that it has completed negotiations on salary for the 2024 season. A total of 45 people are eligible for the contract.

Roh Si-hwan (24), the “homer king,” and Moon Dong-ju (21), the “new king,” who were considered major test subjects, became the main characters of the highest increase and the highest increase rate, respectively.

With 31 home runs and 101 RBIs, Noh won two home runs and two RBIs last year, serving as the centerpiece of the team’s batting lineup. Noh was the only player in the league who had 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. “Through these performances, Noh’s annual salary was raised from 113 million won to 350 million won. It is the highest increase in his team, up 219 million won (167 percent).”

Moon Dong-ju, who recorded 160.1 kilometers per hour (the highest speed record for a Korean pitcher) against the Kia Tigers in Gwangju in April last year and won the Rookie of the Year award with eight wins, eight losses and an earned run average of 3.72, also saw his annual salary rise significantly. The figure rose from 33 million won last year to 100 million won this year. This is the highest increase rate of 203 percent in his team.

Pitchers who dedicated themselves as bullpen pitchers also received good results. Joo Hyun-sang and Yoon Dae-kyung, who performed well, are also entering the annual salary of hundreds of millions of dollars. Joo Hyun-sang rose from 58 million won (52 million won) to 52 million won (518,400 U.S. dollars), and Yoon from 90 million won to 20 million won (110,100 dollars), respectively, to 110 million won (120,700 dollars).

Moon Hyun-bin (30 million won → 80 million won), Lee Jin-young (39 million won → 70 million won), and Lee Do-yoon (34 million won → 75 million won), who have played more than 100 games, also saw their salaries rise significantly.

Veteran players also maintained annual salaries of hundreds of millions of dollars. Kim Kang-min, who was recruited through the second draft, signed a contract of 110 million won, and Jung Woo-ram, who will play as a playing coach from this season, signed a contract of 100 million won, respectively.

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