It’s been said that it takes a “crazy player” to cruise through the postseason in baseball.Unlike the regular season, the postseason is a short-term game, so it takes a combination of individual performance and team chemistry to unleash their potential.Often, the “crazy player” of the day is a player who hits a long ball that can turn the tide of a game or seal the victory.Seo Ho-cheol hit a game-winning grand slam in the fourth inning in the WC against Doosan Bears, and Kim Sung-wook hit a game-winning two-run shot in the eighth inning in the first game of the semifinals against SSG Landers.In the eighth inning of the quarterfinals, Kim Hyung-jun hit a wedge solo shot to arch the score at 4-3.While the top lineup of Son Asub, Park Min-woo, Park Geon-woo, and Jason Martin are doing their job, the bottom of the lineup seems to be showing off surprise long balls.NC’s ability to produce ‘crazy players’ is due to its large ‘long ball field’.This season, NC ranked second in the league in long balls (349) and third in batting average (0.117).While that’s respectable, it’s still behind SSG, who leads in both categories (370 hits and a 0.129 slugging percentage).The real power of the NC is that its long balls aren’t skewed toward any particular hitter.You don’t have a standout long hitter like SSG’s Choi Jeong or Hanwha Eagles’ Noh Si-hwan, but you do have a large pool of players who can be “crazy.

In fact, NC has the most batters with 10 or more long balls this season, with a total of 14.They are followed by SSG (13), Lotte Giants (12), and Hanwha Eagles-KIA Tigers-KT Wiz (11+).Park Gun-woo (48), Son As-seob (44), Martin (39), and Park Min-woo (29) are the top players with more than 20, followed by Seo Ho-cheol (25), Kwon Hee-dong (23), and Kim Joo-won (21).Park Se-hyuk, Yoon Hyung-joon (over 18), Kim Sung-wook (16), Oh Young-soo (14), and Do Tae-hoon (11) follow. Kim Hyung-joon had eight long balls in just 26 games.If the NC can keep SSG’s Choi Jeong (60) at bay in the third game of the Semi-Po, they could be ahead in the ‘surprise long hit’ battle.In terms of hitters with a net on-base percentage higher than 1%, NC and SSG tied for the lead with 14. In second place are the Kiwoom Heroes (12), and in third place are the KIA and Samsung Lions (11 each).NC and SSG also had the most batters with 10 or more long balls 온라인카지노 and a net on-base percentage above 1%, with 10 each.

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