Pedi’s Choice To Decide The Fate of NC, Whether it’s a Dream, Money, or Affection

Eric Peddy, who has risen to the top of the list in KBO league history, is now at a crossroads of choice. It will start a decision on whether to remain in NC and advance overseas. 토토사이트

Initially, going to the Major League seemed to be the only option for Pedi’s career path. However, NC did not give up and threw a winning move, and the Japanese team is also showing signs of intervening.

After the regular season MVP award ceremony on the 27th, NC offered Pedi’s agent a multi-year contract. While keeping the salary cap of foreign players $4 million, he offered a multi-year contract as an annual salary of more than Drew Lucinski total of $2 million, the highest ever.

In reality, there are many restrictions on KBO League clubs’ competition with overseas league clubs in terms of foreign player contracts. If a player has a dream of entering or returning to the Major League, there is a slim chance that a KBO league club that cannot give million gold can catch it.

The same goes for Japan. Currently, Japan’s Orix is showing interest in Pedi. It is virtually impossible for KBO league clubs to compete with Japanese leagues, which have different starting points for setting player salaries.

One thing that NC can expect while showing the maximum sincerity is the loyalty shown by Pedi. Pedi has made a strong impression on league fans, finishing the season with a record performance as well as a different appearance from previous foreign players.

Pedi returned to the U.S. after the playoffs and returned to the country, saying he would attend the regular season awards in person. Numerous foreign pitchers were selected as MVPs, but it was in contrast to how they replaced them with video impressions. The NC club said, Peddy has three awards to receive as a regular season title apart from the MVP, so he said he would attend with great significance.” Pedi’s father, who attended the event together, even brought the heavy Choi Dong-won award trophy from the United States himself. This is how much Pedi and his family mean to their achievements in Korea this year.

Pedi, who cried his eyes out of regret after NC’s elimination from the playoffs, was choked up again when asked about the time and showed deep affection with NC to the extent that he bowed on stage to the interpreter who worked hard for him for one season. It is a very small string of hope that NC can expect. In addition to the ransom, KBO league clubs are also considered the best in supporting players’ lives and convenience.

The Major League Baseball market has been moving very slowly in recent years. It is a common step for large FAs to be organized first and then lower-level players to move, but there are no signs of signing big players such as Shohei Ohtani this year. It is very likely that Pedi will wait for time while watching the Major League.

NC has not set a deadline for this, but has asked Pedi to give an answer as soon as possible. NC also needs to recruit a replacement pitcher if Pedi leaves, but the scope of investment in other foreign players will be different if Pedi remains and if he leaves. NC awaits Pedi’s decision to decide next year’s fate.

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