PlayNow Seeks New, Unique Way To Promote Brands

Playnow Sports, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s sports betting brand, launched a TV spot during the Stanley Cup final to capture hockey fans tired of excessive betting advertising. The site cleverly acknowledges the frustration and takes an unpromotional approach. The website aims to stand out in the saturated market and capture viewers’ attention. 우리카지노탑

While PlayNow remains the only legitimate online sports betting platform in the province, local viewers continue to be exposed to betting ads in national placement and brand integration through team, league and broadcaster sponsorship. By providing viewers with a break from these typical trophies, the platform aims to differentiate itself and increase future considerations.

The TV spot smartly addresses the frustrations surrounding excessive betting ads, while showing a powerful BC waterfall with a sincere Birdcall. It defies the convention of typical sports betting advertising and functions as an anti-advertising that gently promotes the brand without relying on the industry’s usual fancy visuals, energetic music, or persuasive spokesperson.

Taken together, recent Ipsos research shows that TV spots emphasize the monotony of sports betting advertising, which 61% of respondents perceive as indistinguishable. It also takes advantage of the insights that social media has witnessed a five-fold increase in negative comments about sports betting ads in Canada, at the same time as the legalization of single-game sports betting in Canada.

Alan Topol, creative director of PlayNow’s partner agency, 123w, commented that hockey games have recently begun to feature numerous sports betting ads. He added that the agency is always looking for ways to disrupt the market’s current advertising trends and that local bets will be enthusiastic about new and unique spots.

Jessica Bieniasz, senior expert on sports branding and advertising at BCLC, recognizes the fierce competition facing PlayNow as the only legal gambling website in British Columbia. Recognizing the overwhelming presence of sports betting advertising in the marketplace, she acknowledges the situation and emphasizes their approach as a means of differentiating herself from the crowd.

This is not the first time BCLC has tried a different marketing approach to a sports betting platform. In March this year, it introduced a site comparing everyday gamblers and professional sports players to promote responsible gambling practices among players. This campaign was developed with the help of PS&Co Brand Studios.

At the same time, Crown Corporation is always committed to improving its services to better serve BCL states. IN JANUARY 2023, ANNOUNCED THE ADOPTION OF EVERY HOLDINGS’ ANTI-Money Laundering SOLUTIONS. The technology is now integrated across BCLC’s land infrastructure and online gaming platforms.

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