Please show us your close friendship for a minute. The fiery war of nerves between the Heo brothers

The fiery war of nerves between Heo Woong (Busan KCC) and Heo Hoon (Suwon KT) has already begun. The two players, who are aiming to win their first championship match (four wins out of seven), have waged an outdoor war since Media Day, which took place ahead of the main match.

Huh Woong and Huh Hoon attended the 2023-24 professional basketball championship media day held at the KBL Center in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul at 11 a.m. on the 25th, and expressed their determination and commitment ahead of the championship.

The two players, who had been together throughout their high school and college years as the second generation of basketball players, distinguished themselves early on in the professional league. However, they did not have a chance to win the title.

Heo Woong played in the championship as a member of Wonju DB in his debut season nine years ago, but ended the spring basketball game in vain with 0 wins and 4 losses. Heo has never played in the championship.

However, the two players finally had a showdown. A superstar, who has always competed for first and second place in popularity polls in professional basketball, promised his fans victory on behalf of KT and KCC.

First, Heo Woong said, “I’ve had a really hard time coming up here. I will desperately play. I want to win 4-0 to win the championship title in Busan. Or I’m thinking about the sixth game. I want to finish it in Busan for sure.”

Hur also wants KT to win 4-0. “This is the first championship game in my life. I have had a hard time reaching the playoffs as well. I am more desperate than anyone else. I don’t want to lose a single game to KCC.”

Despite their commitment and words of blessing, the two players’ small war of nerves unfolded tirelessly. During the trophy photo shoot during the event, Heo Hoon protested, saying, “He keeps betting on me.” Meanwhile, Heo Woong revealed during an on-site interview, “He always says that he has no wallet when he goes out to eat.” In response, a KBL official asked him to show his close relationship for just one minute.

Of course, the biggest highlight came from the episode that KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin revealed. Recalling the meal with the two players last summer, Jeon said, “Our ‘nice’ Heo Woong ate bulgogi and Heo Hoon ate sirloin. He just watched my brother do that,” adding, “I was upset. After the meal, I asked him not to stand in the way of Heo Woong, but he showed up at the match against KCC in the regular league.”

In response, Heo Hoon protested, “He ate bulgogi that cooks quickly to finish his meal with the coach,” but when it was later revealed that he ate not only Heo Woong’s bulgogi but also cold noodles, he withdrew, saying, “I’ll stop.”

The first round of the championship match between the two players after the fiery war of nerves will be held at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon at 2 p.m. on the 27th.

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