Postecoglou Has Extraordinary Trust in Appointing Son Heung-min As Captain

Son Heung-min mentioned the situation of being appointed as Tottenham captain this season through England’s Men’s Blazers on the 23rd. 메이저사이트 Tottenham manager Postecoglou announced Son Heung-min’s appointment as captain at a team meeting ahead of this season’s opening match. At the time, Postecoglou said, “The new season begins as a team for us. We need the attitude and will of the players for what we pursue. We need leadership to put it into practice. In my judgment, Son Heung-min should be the captain,” he said, appointing Son Heung-min as the captain.

Tottenham’s team celebrated Son Heung-min’s appointment as captain with applause at Postecoglou’s sudden announcement. Son Heung-min said, This is a really important season. We should all be responsible and show good behavior and conduct good training. You all know the importance of systematic preparation. It’s a really important season. We have to unite toward the same goal, he said, delivering his first story to the players as Tottenham captain.

To be honest, the coach didn’t talk to me about the captain appointment at all, Son Heung-min said of the situation at the time. The team had a team meeting in the morning and all of the social media teams of the club were in the meeting room. I thought why they were here, he said. After that, Postecoglou suddenly announced that a new captain was Sonny. I had to say how I felt and it was the most nervous moment I’ve ever experienced,” he said. He also said honestly, I’ve always been teammates I’ve been facing, but it was difficult for me to talk in front of everyone.

Tottenham manager Postecoglou has appointed Son Heung-min as captain this season and is using Son as a front-line striker. Son Heung-min has been showing off his scoring ability by scoring eight goals in the Premier League this season. Son Heung-min won the Player of the Month Award selected by the Premier League Secretariat last month, and was recognized for his outstanding performance at the beginning of this season.

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