‘Pro YouTuber’ Cho Won-hee “I like the image of a comedian…it gives me a sense of mission to create content”

Cho Won-hee (40), who now calls himself a “YouTuber,” 카지노사이트 is serious about soccer. After retiring from the game, he worked as a commentator and now contributes to the development of Korean soccer as a “creator”.

His YouTube channel, “ThisHaeJo WonHeeHyung,” has more than 440,000 subscribers. Despite its humble beginnings, it quickly grew into a popular soccer channel with numerous hits, including “one-on-one content” and “Jo Axis hidden camera. “It’s not a success yet,” he says, but three months ago, the “Jogyeon Sneak Camera” featuring Ki Sung-yong (FC Seoul) was viewed more than 5 million times. Many of his one-on-one (offense and defense) videos, including one with comedian Lee Soo-geun, have more than 1 million views.

When we recently sat down with Cho Won-hee at his home in Mocher, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, he immediately started talking about soccer. He opened up about his recent concerns, such as why the gap between Korea and Japan is widening, which shows how much he thinks about Korean soccer. After a long discussion, we moved on to content.

After retiring, Cho Won-hee was often told that he was in better shape than when he was a player. He still takes great care of himself. “I have to perform,” he said, referring to his early morning run. The things I have to do, such as content, have to be shown rather than talked about. So I have to be more organized,” he says.

Videos of the real-life Cho Won-hee on the field are the most popular on his channel. The one-on-one content is typical. This content, which featured several active national team players, was highlighted by the arrival of commentator Lee Young-pyo. It’s also how Cho’s channel became known to the world.

“At first, I thought he wouldn’t be able to score one goal out of 10 against me, but he said he could score more than the standard six goals. The fans asked us to play together, so we took a video, and it went really well.” “He has a 50% stake in my channel. That’s what he says,” he laughed.

The most difficult player to play against one-on-one was Kwon Chang-hoon (Samsung Suwon). “Most players take the dribble at will, but Kwon sees my body and hits it,” said Cho Won-hee. His acceleration, deceleration, and finishing were also very good.” He also predicted a one-on-one matchup with Son Heung-min, although it hasn’t happened yet. “I don’t think Son Heung-min will score all 10, but I also think Lee Kang-ho will stop one or two. I think seven or eight will work,” he said. “I’m not confident. Son Heung-min is a player who doesn’t know where to go left or right.”

Wonhee Cho’s favorite content these days is “Talent Scouting”. He visits high school soccer prospects and highlights them. “I wanted to show what our young players are doing well,” he explains, “I tend to come up with a lot of ideas in our YouTube team, but it was the first time they all said yes.”

Former member Cho Won-hee, who is always cheerful and shouts out various buzzwords such as ‘go, go, go’ to reach out to viewers, said, “When I walk down the street, people laugh at me. I feel like a comedian. I’m comfortable with that now.” “Fans talk about their favorite content. Seeing that gives me a sense of mission. I think it’s my job to plan content that meets the public’s expectations.”

Cho Won-hee recently met with middle and high school leaders to learn more about the field. “My personal goal is to start studying leadership. I think I need field experience. When the right time comes, I will have to prepare properly,” he said, revealing his future plans.

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