Professional Basketball Champion Drama Screenplay

The professional basketball championship game, which ended on Thursday, was a family drama. Heo Jae’s two sons, Heo Woong and Heo Hoon, who were called basketball presidents, were active and led the game, and produced various records. I wonder if such a drama will come out again in the future.

He led the Busan KCC to the championship and was named the MVP of the KBL Playoff (PO) in the 2023-2024 season. He played 33 minutes and 22 seconds per game, the most in his team since the championship, and led the team’s offense by posting 18.8 points and 5.4 assists. He is second in scoring after Ra Gun-ah and first in assists.

In particular, he showed off his temper as an adventurer. The championship was a close game from the second round, but he scored in every match, and managed the game cool-headedly until the last minute, displaying his performance as an ace. He scored 4.7 points in each clutch, which means “score” in a match-winning situation, the most among the two teams.

It is the first MVP in 26 years since his father Heo Jae was named the MVP of the 1997/98 season. It is the first time in the history of professional basketball. Heo Jae was a runner-up player of the Busan Kia Tigers at the time, but won the MVP with more than half of the votes. It was the first and only time that an MVP was awarded in the runner-up team.

Heo Woong wrote various first records with KCC. KCC became the first team to rank fifth in the regular league since the launch of the KBL. The third-place team previously won five championships, but no team below the fourth-place team has won.

Thanks to Heo Woong’s performance, KCC became the first professional team from Busan to win the title in the 21st century. The Lotte Giants have not won the title for more than 30 years since winning the title in 1992, and have fallen to the bottom of the 10 teams this season. The Busan I’Park, the former team of the Korean soccer team, was last won by Daewoo Royals in 1997. KCC invited cloud spectators to Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan for the third and fourth consecutive rounds of championships, breaking the record of more than 10,000 spectators in a single game in 12 years, respectively.

Heo Hoon, younger brother of Suwon KT, is the best player in the championship when it comes to individual performance. He scored the most points per game with an average of 26.6 points per game during the championship period. While the team’s main catcher Paris Bath faltered, he served as the team’s ace. Despite being a runner-up, he garnered 21 votes to rank third after his elder brothers Heo Woong (31 votes) and Ra Gun-ah (27 votes). He almost became the MVP of the runner-up team following his father.

His fighting spirit was also the best. Even though he was not fully fit due to cold, he participated in the match on an IV drip, and continued to play every game to the end. Heo Hoon caught a cold while playing full-time during the second and fourth games. He could not even participate in team training ahead of the fifth game. Although he was in such a bad condition that his voice could not be heard properly, he did his best to raise the fighting spirit of his teammates.

“I have good energy both outside and outside the game. I’m a player who cheers up my teammates to join me when I’m in a good mood,” KT manager Song Young-jin said. “I think I’ll overcome cold with mental strength.” KT also lost on the day, but Hur Hoon scored the most points in both teams with 29 points.

When he talked about his younger brother at a press conference after the game, Heo felt sorry for him but praised his fighting spirit. “My sister and I got IV drip yesterday, and we got out of the house together today. My sister caught a cold and couldn’t sleep well because she was coughing,” Heo said. “However, I was also moved by how he did his best without showing any signs of reaction when I came to the stadium,” he said, adding, “I think it was time for me to reflect on myself while watching his sincerity in basketball.” It was a wonderful match between the two brothers, as it was hard to come out again.

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