Rublev Wins Madrid Open Tennis

Rublev defeated Felix Ojealiasim (35th, Canada) 2-1 (4-67-57-5) in the singles final on the last day of the tournament in Madrid, Spain, on the 6th (Korea time).

The victory marked Rublev’s second career win at the Masters 1000 Series in a year after last year’s Monte Carlo Masters. The prize money for the championship is 963,225 euros.

The Masters 1000 Series is in the next level to the four major tournaments and is held nine times a year.

“It’s the most meaningful win in my career,” said Rublev, who beat home-court Carlos Alcaras (3rd, Spain) in the quarterfinals. “I was in such a bad condition that I could hardly sleep at night.”

Rublev’s best performance in the singles of four major competitions is in the quarterfinals. With his personal best ranking at fifth place, he is expected to rank sixth in the world with this win.

Ojealiasim was followed by Jannik Sinner (2nd, Italy) withdrawing from the quarterfinals, and Ziggy Rehetska (31st, Czech Republic) and the semifinals were also followed by a matchup, with Rehetska withdrawing during the first set, but he failed to win his first Masters 1000 Series final.

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