Sanchez, Signer, Gangdong Palace, PBA Tour Round of 64 Bitter Taste

Sanchez lost to Lee Sang-yong 1-3 in the round of 64 of the SW PBA Championship held at Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do on the 7th. In addition, Kang Dong-gung lost 0-1 in the match-up after set score 2-2 with Park Ki-ho, and Mr. Magic Cygner was also eliminated side by side with a set score of 1-3 to Park Myung-kyu. 토토사이트

Sanchez got off to a good start by winning 15-2 in four innings, including 11 high-runs in the first set against Lee Sang-yong. However, starting with a 10-15 6 innings defeat in the second set, he quickly handed over the atmosphere, gave up 12-15 8 innings in the third set, and lost the set score 1-3, donating 12-15 13 innings in the fourth set.

Sanchez, who chose to go to PBA this season, seemed to finish the adaptation period by reaching the round of 32 in the third tour, the previous tour, after being eliminated in the first round of the first two tours in a row, but once again bowed his head in this tournament.

PBA Champion Kang Dong-gung was on the verge of defeat by giving up the first two sets 11-15 16 innings and 10-15 9 innings against Park Ki-ho, a former challenge tour part 3 winner. However, he won 15-0 in just two innings with 11 high-run points in the first inning of the third set, and in the fourth set, he won 15-84 innings with 13 high-run points in the second inning, putting the game back to square one. However, Kang Dong-gung entered the game and only hit three consecutive innings, and Park Ki-ho scored three innings later, and Park Ki-ho won the round of 32 ticket.

Unexpected events continued. Cygner, who reached the top of his debut tour, faced Park Myung-kyu with a set score of 1-1 until the second set, but gave up the third set 6-15 6 innings and was driven to the brink. Cygner regained his concentration in the fourth set and led 13-5 with nine high-run points in the fourth inning, but Park Myung-kyu swept 10 high-run points in the next inning to finish the game 15-13.

Amid a series of unexpected events, some PBA powerhouses advanced to the round of 32 without difficulty. First of all, Cho Jae-ho NH Nonghyup Card) won the set score 3-0 against Park Han-ki, and Spain’s strong trio David Zapata Blue One Resort, David Martinez Crown Haitai, and Javier Palazon Huons also advanced to the round of 32 by defeating Adnan Yukcell Turkiye, Kwon Hyuk-min, and Kim Tae-kwan Crown Haitai.

In addition, Kim Hyun-seok, the Yeo Gojeon Brother, beat Oh Sung-wook NH Nonghyup Card 3-1 in the set score, while Lee Sang-dae, Kim Im-kwon Welcome Savings Bank, Kang Min-gu Blue One Resort, Eddie Leppens Belgium, SK Rent-a-Car, and Nguyen Vietnam, Hana Card also advanced to the round of 32.

The PBA round of 32 will be held four times from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the 8th, 8:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. The “SW PBA Championship, which is being held at a PBA-only stadium in KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, can be purchased at online reservation offices interpark tickets and on-site ticket offices.

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