Saskatoon Man Collects Up To $50M Canadian Dollar Lotto Payments

CA$50 Million Lotto Max Winner Confirmed In Saskatoon. The most recent lottery billionaire’s name is Dustin Kiefer, who learned about the major jackpot during a business meeting. His ticket was won in the Lotto Max round on Jan. 7, 2022.

Lotto Max is a nationwide lottery game offering millions of dollars in prize money because the jackpot can reach C$70 million. Every year, Canadians win millions of dollars in prize money, and just a few months ago, Saskatchewan received a life-changing C$55 million prize through a lottery for local ticket holders.

Last week, Mr. Kiefer found the check at the Sask Lottery Rewards Center, where he shared some details. He explained that while he was at the meeting, he heard that someone in the area had won a CA$50 million jackpot, and even checked the ticket, but found himself the biggest winner. He even joked that it was the longest meeting of his life.

Mr. Kiefer had not yet thought of a way to spend big, but he also said he would buy an espresso maker, which was one of the first ideas that came to his mind. The winner also planned a trip to Italy a few years ago, but then an unprecedented situation ruined their plans, and according to him, it would be to go there one day.

The Saskatoon winner also believes he should be responsible for a windfall of CA$50 million, and plans to do so. His life-changing tickets were purchased at the Saskatoon Cooperative Gas Station located at st. E. 922 51st Street in Saskatoon. The numbers 4, 5, 31, 39, 42, 45, and 50 drawn in this month’s draw will never be forgotten.

Matthew Popels became the previous major lottery winner for Saskatoon last October when he won and claimed a jackpot worth CA$55 million on Lotto Max. His lottery won him a life-changing prize because it was a lottery with all seven numbers for the Oct. 19 draw last year. Mr. Popels wasted no time because it took only eight days to collect the jackpot.

Lotto 6/49, another popular game based on lottery draws, also recently decided on the big winner. Ontario Lottery and games confirmed that the Ontario ticket holder won an impressive C$36.4 million in the Jan. 12 draw. The Crown Agency reported that the winning ticket was purchased somewhere in Barry.

This week, another 6/49 lotto won big in western Canada. According to the BCLC, a resident of Summerland, Ann Schmidell won C$1,000,000 for the game in the December round. Her winning ticket was purchased on , and to her surprise, she received an email from the crown confirming that she was a ‘guarantee’ winner.

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