Son Heung-min’s first goal that ended 1-1 against Thailand

“As Minjae said, I’ll hit my head and run.”

Son Heung-min’s remarks, why?

Son Heung-min’s “first goal” that ended 1-1 against Thailand

However, after the game, there was a deep regret due to the draw.

Son Heung-min/the national soccer team
“I’ve never thought of myself first while playing football, and I thought of the team the most and if the team is always good, I think it’s natural for me as well.”

Lee Kangin Pass, Son Heungmin Shoot
After a brilliant breath with Lee Kang-in, who met again, he even left a “praise.”

Son Heung-min/the national soccer team
“Kang In, I can always feel the growing part as a player next to me, so I hope we can play together and do better.”

After the Asian Cup, he surprised his fans by making a “suggestion of retirement,” but today, he made a comment that “relieved” his fans.

Son Heung-min/the national soccer team
“If I had thought about it personally, I would have stopped. That kind of feeling was right around my corner, and I asked a lot of questions and talked to a lot of retired players, and they told me a lot of honest things.”

Park Ji-sung, Ki Sung-yueng, Cha Du-ri and his father.

After contemplating retirement and sincerely asking for advice from soccer seniors, he changed his mind.

Son Heung-min/the national soccer team
“It was not easy to make such a choice because I thought the most of my colleagues had to accept all of them. It was a great support from many fans, many family members, and people around me. It’s a promise to my fans. I hope I can grow up to be a stronger person so that I won’t have such weak thoughts again.”

And finally, I added one strong word.

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