Suwon Samsung, ‘Legend’ Yeom Ki-hoon and K-League 2nd place challenge

“Yugyeom, who finished the last season of Suwon Samsung as an acting coach, has become the coach of Suwon Samsung,” a soccer source said on Wednesday. “Although he failed to remain in the team last season, he was given a chance to take on a new challenge. We will make an official announcement for a while.”

“The parent company should also give acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon more opportunities. In addition, the team clearly had faith in acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon. He expressed strong faith in Yeom within the team, including foreign players. As a result, he was appointed as an official coach,” he explained.

Yeom Ki-hoon was appointed as the “acting manager” of Suwon Samsung, which broke up with head coach Kim Byung-soo in September. Since then, acting head coach Yeom has led the team with the goal of staying in the team for about three months, but the team was demoted to 12th place in the K League 1 with a 0-0 draw against Gangwon FC on the 2nd.

In the previous two games, he gained hope of staying with a thrilling victory, but he failed to overcome the last crisis.

Suwon was humiliated by falling to the second division for the first time since its foundation in 1995.

Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon, who has taken the helm of Suwon Samsung, is a star player that Suwon Samsung boasts. Since joining Suwon in 2010, he has played for Suwon only, winning three FA Cup titles except for his mandatory military service, and has been loved by many fans as he served as the team’s captain and mental pillar.

Suwon fans also showed special affection for the team. When the team complained about the team’s front line or criticized some players for not stopping at the moment, he always showed respect to acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon, the “dominator of the left foot.” His uniform number 26 is a very special number to Suwon.

Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon, who played in the field as the oldest player this year, deserves to be called one of the legends in the entire K-League. Since his debut at Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2006, he has scored 77 goals and 110 assists in 445 matches. He is the No. 1 player in overall assists in the K-League.

Initially, acting coach Yeom decided to honorably remove his soccer shoes after the 2022 season. However, as the mood was not good at the time as the team was pushed to the playoffs, he decided to change his retirement and contribute to the team for one more season.

However, nothing changed this year. Rather, it got worse. The team was at the bottom of the standings throughout the season, meaning “direct relegation.” The player who had announced his retirement suddenly took the helm and struggled. However, the result was “relegation.”

Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon, who is proud of Suwon Samsung fans, apologized in tears as the coach when Suwon Samsung was demoted for the first time. This is the last scene that Legend, who played for Suwon for 13 years and 17 years in the K-League, met on the ground.

“I don’t know where I’ll start again, but I’ll keep carrying out my dream as a leader,” acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon said after the end of the season. “I have to talk with the club again about things in the future. I’ll continue to live as a leader regardless of whether I stay in Suwon or go to another team.”

Meanwhile, Suwon’s team will start winter training at the clubhouse on January 2 next year.

After about 10 days of training at the clubhouse, the team will hold its first winter training in Bangkok, Thailand, and the second round of warming in Jeju from early February.

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