Texas-Houston Lone Star Series Baker vs. Bochy Head Coach

ALCS will start at Minute Maid Park in Houston from the 16th, and NLCS will start at Home Citizens Bank Park in the Phillies in a best-of-seven series. MLB’s best-of-seven format is 2-3-2. 토토 The NHL and NBA play 2-2-1-1-1. The format was revised because the home court advantage of a team with a high winning rate is disadvantageous if it becomes 2-3.

All of the LCS matches are the first in the postseason. The Rangers-Astros game is a Lone Star series that symbolizes Texas. Rangers Home Arlington and Houston are 411km away from Seoul to Busan.

Nolan Ryan, the most popular fastball in the Major League, has a permanent number of numbers for both teams. Ryan became the first player in MLB history to earn $1 million a year with Houston in 1980. It was a four-year, $4.5 million contract. Nine years in Houston and five years in Texas.

He wrote no-hitter once in Houston and twice in Texas. He made it four times with the California Angels in his prime. At the age of 44, he made a 3-0 no-hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The first regular-season showdown between the Rangers and Astros was in the 2001 Interleague. I didn’t see the Houston Astros often because they were National League players. Houston was transferred from the NL to the AL in 2013. His overall record is 134 wins and 132 losses, which is hard to tell. In this regular season, he showed an overwhelming advantage over Houston with 9 wins and 4 losses, winning the district title despite tying with 90 wins and 72 losses.

The Rangers-Astros match is more interesting than the NL’s D-Vax-Pilis match. The reason is that Houston is the defending World Series champion, drawing attention to whether it will win two consecutive games since the New York Yankees in 1998-2000, and the two veteran coaches are competing.

The two coaches are guaranteed to go to the Hall of Fame after retirement after an aerial battle. Houston manager Dusty Baker is 74 and Texas manager Bruce Bochy is 68. Bochy won the WS three times, and Baker won the game once. Coincidentally, the two served as SF Giants coaches side by side.

This is not the first postseason showdown between the two coaches. This is the second time. They faced each other in the 2012 NLDS. SF Giants under Bochy and Cincinnati Reds under Baker. At that time, Coach Baker’s Cincinnati won the first and second away games and was likely to advance to the NLCS. However, Bochy’s SF won three consecutive away games, eventually reaching the top of WS.

Until then, it was time for Baker to hear jinx that he was weak in big games. Baker is the only coach to lead five teams – SF, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Nationals and Houston Astros – to district championships.

Texas, which lost its district championship to Houston, advanced to the ALCS for the first time in 12 years since 2011. Texas won all five games, including WC and ALDS, marking the first five-game winning streak in the postseason. Houston beat the Minnesota Twins with 3 wins and 1 loss to advance to the ALCS for the seventh consecutive year, which is an AL record. It is interesting to see who will win the WS tickit.

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