“The rest of the team is doing a good job” Park Ji-hoon trusts his teammates after five straight wins

“I think I’ll do well if I’m good enough.” Park Ji-hoon (28, 184 centimeters) flogged himself even more in victory.

Anyang Jungkwanjang won 81-63 against Seoul Samsung in the 2023-2024 Jungkwanjang Professional Basketball League on Thursday at Jamsil Gymnasium. The win was the fifth consecutive victory for the team, which regained sole possession of second place in the league with a 7-3 record.

Park Ji-hoon led the team’s offense with 16 points, six rebounds, and two assists. When asked after the game how he felt about the victory, he said, “When you win five games in a row and build up the number of wins, it feels good to have a lot of overall scoring and a lot of teamwork.” He expressed his happiness with the team’s play.

In the third quarter, when the game could have been decided, Park stepped up to the plate. He scored 10 of his team’s 18 points in the third quarter, adding weight to a shaky lead, most notably a buzzer-beater just before the end of the third quarter that brought the away fans to their feet. “There’s no difference between the first half and the second half. I think it was just a matter of being a little more focused and confident in the third quarter,” he said.

Although the team is on a winning streak with five consecutive victories, the power of the team has weakened compared to last season’s overall championship. There are also many new faces compared to last season. However, Park Ji-hoon has been playing for Jeonggwanjang both last season and this season. “The atmosphere among the players is a little different, but I’m trying to communicate with them and help them,” Park said. When asked if he should take on a leadership role, he said, “I was worried when (Yang) Hee-jong retired, but Monroe and captain (Jung) Jun-won are doing a great job for him.”

“I think we can definitely maintain our good form. It’s a long season, so it might be tough in the middle, but I think we’ll get through it. All the players are a bit strong-willed, and I believe that if we keep going until the end, there will be good results at the end,” he said, expressing his trust in the team.

When asked if he thinks his skills have improved, he said, “Not yet (laughs). I believe that 사설토토 I can improve more personally in the future, and I am confident that I will show better results. I will be a player who will steadily improve before retirement.” He vowed to improve further.

However, Park Ji-hoon revealed that he still has a lot to work on as an individual, and that he lacks the ability to stabilize his performance in close games. When asked what he would like to improve as a team, he replied, “I think I’ll do well if I play well. I think I need to maintain my performance consistently. The rest of the players are doing a good job,” he said, praising his teammates.

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