Two Days in a Row…Kim Jae-ho “The pitchers made it happen”

“It was a really tough game. The pitchers did a great job in the 12th inning.”

Kim Jae-ho (38, Doosan Bears) was Doosan’s most senior player. He put his performance before the responsibility he felt during the losing streak, and the pitching staff’s performance that laid the foundation for the victory.

Kim Jae-ho was the spearhead of Doosan’s 4-1 win over Hanwha at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on April 2. Batting eighth and batting shortstop, he batted leadoff in an extra-inning game that went into the 12th inning, and his hit opened the floodgates, allowing Doosan to score three more runs and eventually win the game.

Kim Jae-ho had already delivered the game-winning hit against Hanwha on the first day. With the score tied at 2-1 in the eighth inning, a two-run double by Yang made it 4-1, and Kim Jae-ho had the bases loaded. He capitalized on the opportunity with a huge three-run double to the left field fence. He then led off the 12th inning to end the extra innings and became the hero for the second straight game.

After the game, Kim Jae-ho reflected that “there are no easy games every day, but today was a very difficult game,” and gave credit to the pitching staff. “Our pitchers did a great job when the bats weren’t working. Our pitchers were able to keep us in the game in the 12th inning. I want to thank them for their hard work in the heat.”

The age of immortality. Strength alone cannot keep you on the ground. It’s all about experience. Coach Lee Seung-yup said of Kim Jae-ho before the game, “He prepares well like a veteran. He came into 카지노사이트 the game in a hurry, but he did a good job in defense and attack. I think that’s where the strength of a veteran comes from.” He also praised the batting of the veteran hitters, saying, “I think they did a good job of getting hits like a veteran.”

Kim Jae-ho also recognized the effectiveness of Noh Lim-soo, saying, “(Yesterday and today), Noh Lim-soo was the main factor in the batting order. The pitcher faces nine batters, but the batter only sees one pitcher. I think it’s a battle of how much concentration you can exert in a short moment.” He reflected, “I think it was a good result that I focused on getting on base as much as possible, even though the weather made it difficult to concentrate.”

He also shared the responsibility he felt. “I reflected as a veteran after a winning streak followed by a losing streak, but I think I changed the atmosphere to some extent with two consecutive wins,” he said, “and I will continue this atmosphere with the juniors.”

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