Who is The New Interesting Baseball Coach Who Gave 2.2 Billion Won The Best Treatment And Was Replaced in a Year

SSG Landers replaced Kim Won-hyung, who led the team to its first integrated championship in the 2022 season, on the 31st. The club announced the termination of the contract with manager Kim in a press release. The three-year trip ended. 사설토토 Speculations are being raised over the background of the sudden replacement of the coach, who won the championship and had three other performances. This is because it is not a general replacement.

Kim was promoted to coach ahead of the 2021 season. At that time, the total amount was 700 million won, including a two-year down payment of 200 million won and an annual salary of 250 million won. It was a normal treatment for a novice coach. At that time, it was the SK Wyverns. Suddenly acquired by SSG Landers in January 2021 season. He changed from the last manager of SK to the first manager of SSG.

In his first year in office, he finished sixth due to injuries to his main pitchers, but won the wire-to-wire championship from the opening to the last game of the 2022 season. He also beat Kiwoom Heroes to win his first championship in the Korean Series. The club renewed the contract for a three-year total of 2.2 billion won, including 700 million won in down payment and 500 million won in annual salary. It was the best treatment ever among domestic leaders. marked the pinnacle of one’s leadership career.

In the first half of the 2023 season, the LG Twins competed fiercely for the lead. However, the mound shook and failed to win 50% in the second half. He went through a crisis, but went straight to the semi-playoff in third place. However, he ended a short fall by losing three consecutive games to the NC Dinos. She failed to win the title for two consecutive years, but she made the fall stage.

However, the club replaced manager Kim with two years left before the contract period. Owner Jung Yong-jin answered “wait” to fans’ request for his replacement and realized it. Why did you dismiss a coach who made a great performance? He certainly didn’t like it, so he would have saved 1 billion won a year for two years and cut it. Kim Won-hyung is a coach who came with SK when he took over the club. From now on, owner Chung can choose the coach himself.

The SSG club emphasized, “In short, it is definitely not the termination of the contract due to performance.” It is natural because he was a coach who won his first championship and ranked third in the regular league. Instead, he explained the reason, “Change and innovation were needed, such as overall team operation and generational change of players.” He added, “I will appoint a manager who will show more interesting baseball to fans.”

It remains to be seen how new winds and changes will be brought about in the composition and operation of the team. The reason for the replacement of coach Kim should be shown in a concrete form to understand the reason for the replacement. The first button is the first team manager. The club set up interesting baseball as a standard for the appointment of a new manager. The first-team coach is recruited to produce results. There’s no point if it’s not a grade. Let’s wait and see who will be the funny and successful director.

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