‘Winning Confirmed’ KB, Return Match With Rival Woori Bank… Preview ‘Champaign’

Cheongju KB and Asan Woori Bank will play Woori Bank’s WON 2023-24 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league game at Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, at 7 p.m. on the 19th.

KB won the Busan BNK match at home on the 14th to confirm its first regular league victory in two seasons.

KB, which currently has 25 wins and 2 losses, is 4.5 games apart from second-place Woori Bank (20 wins and 6 losses), so there is no change in the rankings even if it loses all three remaining games.

Woori Bank, which has missed its second consecutive regular league title, is seven games ahead of third-place Yongin Samsung Life (13-13) and will finish the season in second place regardless of the record of the remaining games.

As both teams have been ranked, KB and Woori Bank’s game on this day may be somewhat less tense.

There is a possibility that the coaches of the two teams, who have now switched to playoff mode, will not operate 100% of their power on the day.

However, as the two teams are traditional rivals, they are expected to face off against each other regardless of their rankings.

KB, which succeeded in winning the combined championship with Park Ji-soo in the 2021-22 season, ranked fifth among the six teams last season as Park Ji-soo left for a long time due to panic disorder. In the meantime, Woori Bank lifted the trophy.

This season, as Park Ji-soo returned healthy, KB again formed a solo system.

In addition, most of the players, including main ball handler Heo Ye-eun, national super sub Kang Yi-seul, and captain Yeom Yoon-ah, played their part and became the strongest team.

In particular, it overwhelmed Woori Bank with four wins and one loss in five matches this season. It won 71-61 on the 11th, which was the previous game.

KB will face fourth place (undetermined) in the playoffs, and it is likely to advance to the championship game in terms of power.

If Woori defeats Samsung Life in the playoffs, KB-Woori Bank’s showdown at the championship could take place again. Because of this, KB is expected to do its best to definitely beat the opponent’s spirit.

On the other hand, Woori Bank, which missed the lead, should regain its self-esteem that fell behind KB all season.

Even though Woori has national team-level lineups such as Kim Dan-bi, Park Ji-hyun and Park Hye-jin, it has been struggling whenever it meets KB. Even if it is not lagging behind in overall performance, Woori repeatedly gave up the game because it failed to block Park Ji-soo.

It is not easy for Woori Bank to stop Park Ji-soo, who has overwhelming physicality and high basketball intelligence, but if this trend continues, it will have no choice but to give the championship trophy to KB.

For this reason, Woori Bank is expected to make all-out efforts to block Park Ji-soo.

If Woori Bank fails to gain the upper hand over KB even on this day, the possibility of losing the championship for two consecutive years may also fade.

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