1st Place is Mitsuma of Japan + 3rd Place is Son Heung-min

According to the season’s opportunity creation chancemaking index released by Opta, a soccer statistics company, on the 5th, Brighton Mitoma added 19 more open play and secondary chances passes given to the player who made the shot or goal. 토토 Brighton left-back Pervis Estupinan came in second with 18, followed by Son Heung-min with 16.

Son Heung-min is performing his best this season. He was appointed captain before the opening of the season and leads the team with outstanding leadership. Since the opening, Tottenham has been unbeaten in four consecutive games with three wins and one draw, ranking second in the league.

It was a bit disappointing against Brentford in the opening game. He started as a left-winger but made the mistake of conceding a penalty kick. He failed to play full-time and left the stadium in the 30th minute of the second half after being replaced by Ivan Perisic. Tottenham also narrowly escaped defeat 2-2.

Since Son Heung-min was sluggish last season, there were concerns that he might not be able to revive this season, but it was only a groundless worry. Son Heung-min flew up against Manchester United in the second round and boasted a good condition in the following two league games.

Son Heung-min, who focused on providing opportunities rather than focusing on scoring in the match against Manchester United and Bournemouth in the third round, played like a “soccer master,” and Tottenham also won 2-0 in both games. In the fourth round match against Burnley on the 2nd, he scored his first goal of the season and his first hat-trick, leading him to a 5-2 victory.

Unlike other games, Son Heung-min, who started as a front-line one-top player on the day, shattered Burnley’s defense, which raised the line to a high level. In the 16th minute of the first half, he exchanged a one-two pass with Manor Solomon, who played as a left striker, and scored his first goal of the season with an Orval chip shot slightly over the goalkeeper’s height from the right side of the box.

Son Heung-min’s goal did not stop here. In the 18th minute of the second half, when he was winning 3-1, he received a pass from Solomon again and connected it with a right-footed shot to score multiple goals and his second goal. Three minutes later, he trapped Pedro Poro’s purified pass and kicked it with his left foot to complete a hat trick.

Son Heung-min, who was selected as the best player of the game, was selected as the team of the week by the BBC. In the same round, he was named the attacking trio along with Elling Holan (Manchester City) and Evan Ferguson (Brighton), who scored hat tricks. He was also selected for the Premier League Secretariat’s team of the week, along with Holan and Ferguson, and was recognized for his performance against Burnley.

So far, his performance has been reflected in the detailed records. Son Heung-min ranked third in the opportunity creation category surveyed by Opta. Mitsoma, who played as a side ace for Brighton last season, topped the list by three ahead of Son Heung-min in creating opportunities.

Mitoma made his professional debut with Kawasaki Frontale and joined Brighton in 2021. He immediately left for Saint-Gillouaz in the Belgian League and played for one season, and spent his first season in Brighton last season.

He adapted quickly even though it was his first season. His unique quick dribble breakthrough created threatening scenes from the side, and he played as a starting player and recorded a total of 10 goals and 7 assists in the season. As the dribble pattern was read at the end of the season, some argued that it might not work in the second season.

However, he is still performing this season. In the second round, Hwang Hee-chan scored a fantastic solo goal against Wolverhampton.

Mitoma, who caught the ball from the left touchline, quickly peeled off two Wolverhampton defenders and entered the box, beating the final defense. When the goalkeeper moved to come out with only the goalkeeper left, he immediately put it in the opposite side of the goal and scored his first goal of the season.

Mitsoma, who added one assist in the game, was named the best player in two consecutive games following the opening game, and was also included in the best team in the second round. So far, Son Heung-min has three goals and Mitsuma has one goal and three assists. Mitsuma is one step below in scoring ability, but he is competing neck and neck with a strong side in his ability to create opportunities.

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