ALC And Paris Play Shake On Agreement

The Atlantic Lottery company continues to build world-class online services on its platform as Crown announces new content distribution agreements. This week, Crown Agency and the main aggregator and vendor of iGaming titles, Parplay, announced that the latter would release a new aggregated third-party game to ALC. Integration will take place through the Fusion platform.

The Crown Corporation is a state-owned organization that provides and regulates responsible lottery and gambling products for the population of the Atlantic region. Both are available in retail stores and on the online platform. The Crown is recognized by the World Lottery Association and 100% of its profits are reinvested in four Atlantic provinces.

Parplay is a subsidiary of NeoGames, and this agreement with ALC will enable the Crown to deliver innovative and feature-rich content from WizardGames. In addition, we will offer a variety of games collected from third-party partners and offer them to The Crown through the Fusion™ platform.

The agreement is yet another major importance for Paris Play and its strategic plans to conquer new areas in Canada’s iGaming sector. Previously, the prominent supplier was launched in Alberta under contracts with Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Companies. It also debuted in Ontario with several partnerships with leading operators in the private market.

Andrew Maclean, the company’s vice president of sales, argued that the North American market is critical to the company, which is why the company is putting in a lot of effort, including the Canadian market, where the vendor has made a significant impression with its strong products. In other words, the contract with ALC is another important milestone for the team as it is expanding throughout the United States.

Michael MacKinnon, vice president of gaming at Crown Corporation, is also sharing some words about the deal. He said ALC’s goal is to find the next major provider of content that will deliver powerful products to many customers, and the new deal fits perfectly into the deal. By saying it’s a major contract, he said it’s a major one, and he expects players to find attractive when content launches later this year.

Recently, however, the state-run ALC has been embroiled in controversy after a six-part investigation by King’s College students. The investigation found that much of Crown Corporation has been transferred around four provinces, rather than reducing the provision of VLT through attrition, which it promised a few years ago. This was a measure to prevent the inflow of revenue into the provinces.

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