Asian Quarter Draft of the V-League, which has just been dropped due to Iran-China strength

The draft for the Asian quarter of the V-League ended with strong performances from Iran and China. The men’s team chose the draft with a focus on offense and the women’s team on height. Iranian and Chinese players were expected to be selected as the top picks even before the 2024-2025 Asian quarter draft. This is because Iran has physique that surpasses that of Korean players, and each player has strong commitment to play in the V-League.

As a result, in the men’s team, Ali Hagrafast (20, Woori Card), Ali Fazley (27, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), Aref Moradi (26, Korean Air, and Iran), Jang Ki-long (30, OK Financial Group), and Deng Xinfeng (23, Hyundai Capital, and China) will play in the V-League in the new season. In the women’s team, Jangwi (29, Pepper Savings Bank), Chen Shintong (30, IBK Industrial Bank), and Hwang Ruiliray (28, Heungkuk Life Insurance, and China) were chosen by V-League clubs.

Coincidentally, both Iranian and Chinese players in the men’s category are strikers. The coaches who selected them highly appreciated their attack strength to the extent that they were told to “enhance their scoring ability” as the reason for their nomination. On the other hand, the women’s category focused on height. Pepper Savings Bank coach Jang So-yeon and Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Avon Dan-ja, who picked tall middle blockers (197.1 centimeters) and Hwang Lu-rey (196 centimeters), respectively, were satisfied, saying their blocking line has become more solid. Chen Shintong (178 centimeters) is also a tall setter and has strong points.

All eyes are on the draft, which will take place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The women’s team is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, and the men’s team is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, while most clubs are reportedly considering appointing Afogit Spiker as their main gunner. It is curious who will be chosen by the V-League clubs among the 44 players for the men’s team and the 42 players for the women’s team.

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