Former Coach Jotrinjee Im Myeong-ok Is Korea’s Best Pacer

Former coach Jotringe posted a post about passes and connections on his personal blog on the 14th local time, adding, “When all youth players imitate Trevor Cleveno (France, outside heater), club coaches around the world will be happy.”

Below the text, you could see Trevor, who played for the French national team during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, receiving an opponent’s serve deep inside his body and floating it exactly on the setter’s head.

“If the ball is deep in the body, you don’t step back, but open your body to create an angle by securing a space between the body and the ball,” former coach Jotringe said. “It was a privilege to be with Kayla Banworth (USA, former Libero), who is the best in this area, and it is the best I have ever seen.”

Above all, former coach Jotringe paid attention to the underhand pass from the Korean V-League.

He said that during the 23-24 season between Pepper Savings Bank and Korea Expressway Corporation, Pepper Savings Bank led 6-4 with a score. As an example, Yasmin’s serve to the center of the court’s back attack line was moved by Im Myeong-ok, who received it exactly, putting it straight and high on Lee Yoon-jung’s head.

“If there is a side factor (in the serve), it is more important,” former coach Jotringe said of the game, adding, “I will show you the best passer in the Korean league.”

“I quite like the scene and I’m using it as an example for the players,” he said.

“Many players in the Korean league bend their knees deeply, lower their posture and handle the ball with their bodies,” he said. “But I think the league’s best passer (Im Myung-ok) is upright, handles the ball more simply, and creates his own angle.”

“[Im Myung-ok] is definitely moving her feet, but she doesn’t step back and hit the ball at all,” former coach Jotrinjee said. “If you draw a line behind her (Im Myung-ok) feet, she won’t touch that line.”

As of the 23-24 season, Im had 696 successful digs, 479 accurate receptions, 56.54 percent efficient receptions, and 7.98 average per set, ranking No. 1 in the regular league. As a result, he was named the best seven for five consecutive years at this season’s award ceremony.

In addition, Coach Jotringe posted the game process against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea or setter Lee Go-eun’s toss training process in an analysis post written last month.

Former coach Jotringe took the helm of Pepper Savings Bank in June 2023 to replace former coach Ahenkim, who voluntarily resigned due to personal reasons in the 23-24 season.

Former coach Jotringe served as the analysis and coach of the U.S. women’s national team from 2013-16, and raised expectations when he was appointed with excellent achievements such as winning the national team’s 2014 World Championship, the gold medal at the 2015 World Grand Prix World Women’s Volleyball Championship, and the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In addition, he has various careers, including the women’s volleyball team of the University of Georgia, the women’s volleyball team of Loyola Marymount University, and the men’s volleyball team of Pepperdine University.

When he took office, Jotringe said, “Smart volleyball” as his team’s color and said, “As a coach, I will be able to develop my personal skills. My goal is to take various tactics during the sixth round.”

However, Pepper Savings Bank finished the season at the bottom with 5 wins and 31 losses, and suspicions of bullying junior players also flared up within the team. Former coach Jotringe was also criticized for failing to lead the team properly. In February, he infamously resigned as the coach for 23 consecutive losses. In response, Pepper Savings Bank appointed its new coach, Jang So-yeon, in an empty seat last March.

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