Gateway Casino Not Worried About Ontario Regulations

According to a spokesman for Gateway Casino & Entertainment, the company is not worried about Ontario’s latest health and safety protocols. 릴게임 Communications Director Rob Mitchell explained that gaming properties in the province, such as Starlight Casino Point Edwards, would not be directly affected by new restrictions on customer restrictions.

During the week, the Ontario government announced the latest health and safety protocols to respond to growing cases of unprecedented conditions. The volume limit is now 50% for indoor entertainment venues in the state of over 1,000 people. Businesses that will operate at half capacity include sports facilities, entertainment centers, and casinos.

In an interview, Mr Mitchell said casino assets of companies in Ontario such as Starlight Casino Point Edward, Cascade Casino Chatham and Gateway Casino – Sania would not be affected by the new provincial order. The CEO said the company will not be affected and will be fine from the aforementioned casino’s regulatory perspective.

Under these circumstances, the Point Edwards facility typically accommodates 1,000 visitors at a time, with a total capacity of 2,000 guests, the spokesman explained. He added that the Sania facility has a maximum capacity of about 600 people, and one Chatham can accommodate about 1,000 customers at a time.

In addition, Mr. Mitchell said the company learned that the number of visitors decreased when the vaccine passport was introduced. He said there was some confusion at first about the vaccine passport not working, but now customers are used to it. The CEO also said he was cautiously optimistic about the company moving forward in an ever-changing environment, and felt that customers were safe and protected in the company’s facilities.

After Ontario announced a new capacity protocol, Prime Minister Doug Ford stressed that local residents do not wear masks as much as organizers implore them to wear them. But Mr Mitchell assured that he did not wear a mask in the real estate of large companies, and that there were few cases where customers refused to wear a mask.

Recently, Gateway Casino & Entertainment provided an update on the Cascade Casino North Bay project in Ontario. The company shared that the on-site work will be planned, and that the finishing work will be applied to the property. It is also hosting an online recruitment fair to hire 200 people for the casino, which is scheduled to grand open in early 2022.

Currently, the gaming giant will set up one more gaming facility in Ontario, as it is part of the Kingsway Entertainment Zone project in Sudbury. However, the project is facing legal challenges by local non-profit organizations, and the game leader has requested that construction of the project be stopped while there is a legal battle over the project. The company promised to maintain its commitment to this site.

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