After scoring the game-winning goal to secure Gwangju FC’s third straight win and third place finish, Heo Yul vowed to “play soccer worthy of third place.”Gwangju defeated FC Seoul 1-0 in the 30th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 on Sunday at Seoul World Cup Stadium.In the fourth minute of the first half, Ha Seung-woon’s sensational one-touch heel pass from the penalty area found Heo Yul, who cut low with his left foot to find the corner of the opposite post .Gwangju held off Seoul’s furious offense down the stretch, and Heo’s goal proved to be the game-winner.”I was preparing for a creative play in the offense, and I think it connected well,” Heo said in a post-match interview, adding, “It feels good to win.” “I was often criticized for my reaction to the movement of the ball, but luckily the ball fell (in my direction) at a time when I was preparing in advance,” he added. Prior to the match, Gwangju head coach Lee Jung-hyo said that he repositioned Uhm Ji Sung and Heo Yul, who joined the Olympic team.” After I went to the national team, I was criticized for standing in a defensive position during team training,” Heo explained. He cited “aggressiveness” as his biggest growth this season. “I try to make contact even if I fail,” he said, “I think I’ve become more aggressive than last season. “I think I’m more aggressive than last season,” he said, “I’m thinking about defense first, and the offense comes naturally.” Personally, I continued to work on my shooting, and I believed in myself,” he said confidently. Regarding Gwangju’s recent surge in momentum, he said, “The players definitely recognized their shortcomings and tried to avoid them again,” adding, “Everyone’s confidence is up. We are currently in third place, and we want to play good soccer to match our ranking.” “Personally, I was under pressure for not scoring, and I backed myself into a corner, but in the end, I had the mental strength to score,” he said, referring to 온라인카지노 the psychological factor of the goal.

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