Goyang Sono Completes Coaching Staff and Team Pay

Goyang Sono coaching staff and the team received their first salary from the new team. 스포츠토토핫

Most of Sono’s coaching staff and teams were members of Day One Sports before the 2022-2023 season. Day One Sports ambitiously entered the KBL, but the finish was too shabby.

The reason why the finish was shabby. be financially strapped. Day One Sports had a hard time, not being able to pay the team for more than five months. I moved to find a solution, but no results came out.

KBL did not let it go. Day One Sports, which failed to present specific measures, was given a measure called “exhibition.” Players who lost their place to go were paid a monthly salary in June. In addition, the gym usage fee was paid so that the auxiliary gymnasium of Goyang Indoor Gymnasium could be used.

It could have been a nine-team system. Then Sono International appeared. All the players who belonged to Day One Sports were accepted, and the coaching staff absorbed them as they were. The support staff at Day One Sports also joined Sono International. That’s how the 10th club called “Goyang Sono Sky Gunners” was born.

Although there was some preparation process, everything had to be done suddenly. That said, there was a problem that was hard to let go of. It’s pay.

Therefore, a Sono official accelerated the speed of the team’s contract in the 2023-2024 season. Head coach Kim Seung-ki and former secretary general of Day One Sports Kim Sung-heon (currently head of Sono’s support team) provided related data, while Sono officials negotiated salaries with the team through base data and evaluation methods related to the club itself.

And July 31st. A Sono official said, “We have completed the payment of coaching staff and team salaries.” Coaching staff and players, who had been struggling with overdue wages, received salaries from the team for the first time in a long. I felt a precious daily life after a long time.

I went through such a rough process until I got paid once. Therefore, this salary will come to be more precious to everyone. However, now you have to focus on exercising. Both the coaching staff and the players will know this.

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